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When developers are lazy and lazy and want to do something, but somehow they want to get money, then some people get the idea: “Why don’t we buy a license for some optimization, change the names, and pass it off as our own? But there are also some very clever lazybones who want to get more money than they need, and that’s where TweakBit comes in. Of course, there are a lot of questions here, for example, why do they have the name of Auslogics, not the company itself, on their website? In general, I didn’t go into that much detail. But they’re good at tearing down software, like this one, which is what you might call castrated Auslogics BoostSpeed, and an earlier version that exists now.

TweakBit PCRepairKit

TweakBit PCRepairKit

TweakBit PCRepairKit – In general, castrated Auslogics BoostSpeed, as mentioned above, is able to fix errors in the registry. I think the fans will be satisfied with this “development”. The program has a lot of advertising and at every step offers us to buy a more sophisticated version of the software, which is already a full version of Auslogics BoostSpeed.

The developers also assure that after using this development the program crashes will stop. Well it is obviously from the field of fantasy, I think after clearing of the register they will work even more often, well, or unstable applications, activation will fly off we will admit, or that else (by the way, I accept fruits to itself on mail, bananas, apples so it is better not to throw them in me, and send in one piece and safety). Well and the final stage it is possible to tell that the given program will advise you to put one more pair of foreign programs ostensibly to make your work at the computer more fruitful, heh. And on this I have everything. A good test and preferably without collapse.


RESTORES order to system registry Clean, fix and defrag your system’s heart
We created PCRepairKit to clean out invalid keys, repair broken shortcuts and defragment the registry to make it more ompact and organized. A healthier registry consumes less memory and allows applications to access keys in less time, which helps restore error-free performance.

REPAIRS ActiveX errors
Smoother interaction with software and the web
ActiveX is used in browser add-ons and for allowing one program to use another program’s functionality on your PC. Corrupt ActiveX controls lead to errors, so we equipped PCRepairKit with precise tools to detect and fix such errors for a much smoother PC experience.

WATCHES OVER system performance
Real-time maintenance for smooth operation.
Once your PC is glitch-free, we want it to stay that way so you can enjoy using it with no fear of your system crashing. We included 4 powerful tools in PCRepairKit to prevent crashes, protect your registry from external access, and improve your PC’s overall security.

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Download TweakBit PCRepairKit – (21.2 Mb)

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