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In this category you can find a variety of Security Apps for Windows.

Goversoft Privazer 4.0.69 Donors

The utility cleans the personal computer from traces of the user’s work, plus you can delete other confidential information. The program can create a detailed report, there you can find all the information about detected conflicts, registry data, history of site visits and other traces, you can download PrivaZer below. The utility can erase history

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3.9681.7000 + MacOS

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a comprehensive anti-virus software that includes a powerful firewall. Designed to work in the corporate sector, the antivirus guarantees unprecedented protection against malicious programs and various intrusions. Endpoint Protection review Endpoint Protection from Symantec (the world leader in security) is a unique product that can protect not only against viruses but

RDS-Knight Multilingual

RDS-Knight Full – this program gives you the most advanced functionality, it will help you use remote access as securely as possible. Now with this application you can easily manage all workstations and no matter how far you are from them. RDS-Knight If it comes to opening the Remote Desktop Protocol for connections, you need

LicenseCrawler 2.9.2742

LicenseCrawler is a very powerful and extremely useful utility that specializes in recovering license keys from various software. With the tools of this utility, you can no longer worry about having to re-buy digital products that you already had. LicenseCrawler review These technologies will be especially useful if you change your operating system, because in

R-Wipe & Clean 20.0.2395

A new version of a sufficiently effective tool for freeing up space on the hard drive has been released, due to its cleaning, you can also maintain the confidentiality of important information, in full news you are invited to download R-Wipe & Clean as always. After starting this program, it will help to permanently get

Avast! Premium Security 23.2.6053 (build 23.2.7961.776)

Avast Premium Security is one of the most powerful and up-to-date anti-virus programs, which outperforms most alternative means of operating system protection. Avast Premium Security is one of the most powerful and up-to-date anti-virus solutions available. Avast! Premier Antivirus review But the main advantage of this application is its high efficiency, which is able to

GiliSoft Exe Lock 10.7

If you are faced with the task of easily and as securely locking access to files, individual folders on your PC or even drives, GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a godsend for your problems. This is usually the case when you have multiple people accessing your computer: when the device can be freely used by

Privacy Eraser Pro

Privacy Eraser Pro is a multifunctional application that aims to improve the performance of your Windows operating system. The effect of this product will significantly increase the speed of the computer, which will disappear various lags and slowness. The program will be especially useful in games, because the frame rate per second increases. Privacy Eraser

Voodooshield Pro 7.41

VoodooShield is a free version of the program that protects the operating system from various kinds of viruses and threats spread via the Internet. The product is a switch that, when active, blocks the launch of any code, including malicious code. Voodooshield review The program works in two main modes. Thus, in the OFF state,