Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename 2.0.5

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A well-structured file system starts with talking file names. With clear image file names, you can easily find them using the OS search tool. To ease the pain of renaming thousands of images and files, Sort´n´Rename here.

Picture Instruments Sort 'n' Rename

Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename review

Sort´n´Rename is the most flexible solution for renaming files. Naming options include individual text, enumerations at user-defined intervals, original file names in whole or in part, date and exif tags such as DateTaken, fstop, excerpt, and more. But this is not enough: different versions of the same file extension can be matched, and letters or lines can be automatically replaced.
Once the renaming scheme is defined, it can be saved as a preset and exchanged on different platforms.


  • Assigning speaking file names for your image collection
  • Images from several cameras can be sorted chronologically and recalculated.
  • Image presentations can be sorted by drag and drop and listed again in this sequence
  • Snapshots that need to be renamed in a predefined scheme to ensure consistent archiving can be processed using the same presets for all
  • platforms (Win & Mac) across the company
  • Sort´n´Rename cannot rename only image files – any file type can be processed

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License: ShareWare

Download Picture Instruments Sort ‘n’ Rename 2.0.5 – (50.7 Mb)

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