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GstarCAD – a powerful program that imagines a functional and most importantly, a stable CAD platform that can meet the needs of any industry design. Works fine with drawings of various formats, namely DWG and DXF, I think everyone who works with these programs, understands that these are generally accepted standards.


GstarCAD 2020 Professional

Not only do you get the tools you need to do the full -scale work in 2D and 3D design, but you’ll also be able to use a clear interface that plays an important role in these developments. The authors write that GstarCAD is characterized by high processing speed when it comes to working with voluminous drawings, and because it has a built-in development environment and support for interaction with domestic applications in the industry, you get an interesting program.


  • You can edit and create new, absolutely different, two- and three-dimensional vector primitive things, to work with multiline and single-line texts, to use absolutely different objects for registration of your drawing, plus you can adjust completely display of the drawing and to be engaged in the press of the technical documentation in a graphic kind.
  • At work you can also use external references and various blocks, it will help you to organise teamwork over one drawing.
  • Nobody prevents you from opening and editing your existing drawings, and if you have the skill, you can create a new dynamic block.
  • There is a two-way communication with such program as in Microsoft Excel – which will help you to create external tables, plus you will be able to design more comfortably different kinds of specifications, if you need to count the blocks you will also produce it without problems, this applies to the size, all data can be automatically updated, you will only need to change the object in the drawing.
  • You will have all the tools you need to create the working documentation, they will set up the working environment, all of which will be displayed in the standard you need.
  • The program has a number of specialized materials and so-called tinting modules, which will give three-dimensional objects even more realistic look.
  • The big advantage of GstarCAD is that its users can easily interact with other partners who are already working in other CAD systems, for this purpose will use a single file format known to all DWG.
  • After the drawing will be ready, it is possible without problems to print out, to use for this purpose virtual devices, in such formats as PDF, TIFF. JPEG and other others, there is a possibility to deduce result on the press using for this purpose physical devices.

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