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I wanted to acquaint the users of our project with a professional enough program to work with graphics, which can perceive both vector and raster images. This development will allow you to create graphics for different purposes, for example, for the website, you can just draw vector graphics, you can create a whole photo composition, there is a possibility to create Flash animation and so on, you can download Xara Photo & Graphic Designer from our website.

It is worth noting that the editor also has a tool for automatic creation of contours and soft shadows, you can also squeeze the object and produce accurate edge smoothing, all aimed at making the user work more productively, and the high speed of opening graphics files will allow you to save time. The developers of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer report that they have tried to place all the power of the product in an interface understandable to all users, I want to note that in my opinion they have done a good job, to understand the task is actually quite simple, in general, I was satisfied.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer has the most accurate and productive vector rendering engine, plus you can create effects like shadows, transparency and so on. You can simply add pictures to the main window, which is very convenient and I always liked, and the main window can be changed at your discretion, meaning the size of the window. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer can roll back an unlimited number of times, you can zoom in up to 25000 percent. If you can skillfully use all the chips, you can try to restore the old photos, you can remove the effect of red eyes.

The product works perfectly with plug-ins from the giant Photoshop, and you will also get a function to create sites that will then display correctly in all web browsers, of course there is a possibility to work with PSD files. In general, this is such a powerful program in front of you, I think many people will like it, I hope for an objective opinion, thank you for your attention, do not forget to visit our project, we are always glad to you.


Graphic design
Combine text with graphics and images to create your own designs for invitations, posters, or social media posts. Design your projects elegantly with the new text functions in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Vector-based graphic design
Create vector shapes and texts that you can combine to create designs for invitations, flyers and logos. This makes it possible to export in any size without loss of quality.

NEW! PDF Editor 3.0
No matter whether you want to change text or switch images: It’s simple to make changes to PDF documents with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Shape Tool
Change the outline and color of any original shape – without loss of quality. That’s all there is to creating new shapes for your designs. Photo grids for collages

Photo grids for collages
Select the desired template from the Online Content Catalog and then drag & drop your pictures onto the position you want. All grids are freely adjustable.

Smart Shapes
Our most sought-after customer request: The size, color and shape of every SmartShape can be easily modified.

Stock photos
A massive selection of agency photos to choose from is included. Always find just the right image!

Graphics & illustrations
Access an impressive collection of design elements and illustrations for use in print or on the web.

Background Erase Guide
Easily remove objects from their backgrounds: Simply mask the object, roughly erase the background and remove it with a click.

Cut items
Easily remove unwanted objects: Select an outline using the mouse and the magnetic lasso will automatically create a path.

Magic erase
Someone walking into the shot, bothersome street signs or moving cars: Magic Erase removes unwanted objects from your photos in no time.

Photo Heal tool
Retouch spots or wrinkles from your photos: With the Photo Heal tool, you can make them disappear with one click.

Impressive photo filters
With creative photo filters, you can create unique looks in different colors: Import with one click and finished!

Art brush
Develop your own photo-realistic brush patterns using scans, photos and vectors. This allows you to easily create deceptively realistic drawings and special effects. For example, take a photo as a template and transform it into a painting.

Breathe life into your illustrations with effects such as transparency, shadows and gradients. You can also use the Mold tool to change the perspective of objects.

3D design
Add a whole new dimension to your graphics with the the 3D tool. You can even set perspective, depth and shadow. Absolute highlight: Create your own apartment plans for interior designs.

Work in any color space
Maintain the correct color right through to the final print. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) support offers the exact hue you need for flyers, photos and documents.

Select file formats freely
You can import, edit and export countless file formats with Photo & Graphic Designer. You can easily exchange documents and photos with colleagues and friends, with no limitations!

64-bit support
The 64-bit version of Photo & Graphic Designer makes it possible to work on complex documents with diverse components.

Multicore support
For noticeably higher performance from your PC: Processors are utilized optimally in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. Create your own shortcuts

Create your own shortcuts
Quickly open tools and functions using fast shortcuts, making work easier and more efficient.

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