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Xara Designer Pro X review

Xara Designer Pro X is a powerful software consisting of several tools for creating web graphics using vector or raster images. This graphic tool allows you to create complex compositions with many visual nuances, which is complemented by an excellent interface and an enviable speed of data processing.

The application is designed to create web page type graphics, photo compositions, flash animations, and more. In spite of the fact that this product is targeted at professional designers, it will be within the power of unsophisticated users. The program efficiency is achieved through the use of an advanced rendering engine for vector images, and even processing high-resolution images does not affect the speed of the process.

Program features and tools

Among the tools of Xara Designer Pro is worth noting, first of all, Action Tools, with which the user can create and customize effects such as transparency, shadows, levels and gradients – without unnecessary actions these tools can be used by simply dragging on the image. In general, most of the operations in the application are performed by drag-and-drop, which saves time for the designer and is the most intuitive way to interact.

Of course, any changes made can be undone an infinite number of times, correcting their mistakes, and the ability to increase the image by 25000% while maintaining high-quality antialiasing allows you to work at the highest quality level. Among other tools in Xara Designer, which facilitate the work and expand the possibilities of the designer, the following should be noted:

  • advanced font processing;
  • layout of web pages;
  • manual drawing section;
  • fast and high-quality functionality for 3D extrusion;
  • options for blending effects, applying soft vector outlines, shadows, chamfers, and contours.

As additional software, the developers have added a section on advanced photo editing to their product, including color and contrast adjustments, creating panoramic images, using lasso to highlight objects, and more. Finally, Xara Designer by default includes extensive libraries with animation effects, widgets for presentations and websites (slide shows, charts, tables, etc.), and the ability to apply it all to the mobile version of the site being developed. Xara Designer free download Repack is available from the link below.

Whats new

Self-Hosted Google Fonts

A fast turnaround on this new version in response to the latest legal developments in Europe, which cast doubt on whether calling Google to display Google Fonts complies with GDPR.

No-one wants to give up their Google Fonts, so Designer Pro+ will now automatically publish the fonts to your own web space and no longer reference Google, offering instant compliance. You don’t need to do anything other than re-publish your website.

What’s more, with the great font support in modern browsers the balance of advantage has been moving in favor of self hosting, so you could also benefit from speed improvements for your web page, with all the SEO benefits that brings. Double win!

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