LockXLS 2023 7.2.1 + Crack [Full]

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LockXLS is a new security solution for Microsoft Excel. It protects your documents from unauthorized copying, analysis and redesign in various ways with 128 bit encryption: access password, hardware tied to a specific PC, activation code linked to a USB flash drive and serial number with the Agreement window.



The work after access to the XLS file is done in the usual way, except that the user will not have access to formulas and VBA code and will not be able to view and analyze the logic of your spreadsheet in detail. With LockXLS, you can easily work, transfer and distribute Excel documents without fear of disclosure, hacking and changes to the engine.


Hide formulas and VBA Code
The user cannot get access to formulas in locked files, because all possible ways are blocked by LockXLS. LockXLS stores formulas and VBA Code in the encrypted format.

Convert Excel Workbook to application
Workbook can be compiled to executable file, which doesn’t have external dependencies. It doesn’t require any additional libraries to be installed on the customer’s PC.

Add Copy Protection Options
You can apply different protection options to your Excel workbooks – Hardware-Based Activation Code, Password, Trial Period, Serial Number protection. Also, you can add End User License Agreement, Splash screen, Registration Reminder, …

No programming required
You should not be a programmer to use LockXLS. This product is easy to use. It has very simple interface designed to quide you step-by-step to lock your files. Set of Sample Projects simplifies learning the product.

All Excel features are supported
Workbook compiled with LockXLS supports all Excel features. Your workbook should not be changed before compilation. Only, you want to use some advanced features, you should do some programming.

Create MSI package to deploy your workbooks
Your product looks professional with setup package, which has End User License Agreement, Banner image with your logo. Your product appears in the Add\Remove Programs list and could be easily installed\uninstalled.

Compare Excel Workbooks and VBA Projects
xlCompare – Compare and merge Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, Names and VBA projects, including macros, forms and controls. 10+ Time saving commands.

Compile Excel workbook to EXE file
Looking for simple Excel Compiler? Visit xlCompiler website. Compile Excel workbook to standalone application. Excel is not required.

Find out where result of a formula cames from
Dependency Auditor – Analyze and trace dependencies and calculations in your workbook.

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LockXLS 2023 7.2.1 (5.4 Mb)

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