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Password Depot is a very useful software tool that will be ideal for those users who regularly forget their virtual passwords. Now all important data can be stored in one place, under the most reliable and secure protection, which will eliminate the possibility of obtaining personal information by malefactors.

Password Depot

Password Depot review

The program itself is a universal password manager, where all unique combinations will be stored under strong protection, with a multi-level encryption system. Therefore, network intruders will never be able to gain access to such an important storage again.

An important technology of the utility is the ability to synchronize with mobile devices or portable equipment, which is ideal for corporate work in companies. This way, people will be able to freely use dedicated storage where individual passwords will be stored safely.

Features of the virtual manager:

  • Multi-level encryption system;
  • Safe and secure data storage;
  • Easy password sorting;
  • Ability to set a special code to log in to the application;

All you have to remember is one password, which you have to enter to log in to this application. In addition to this protection, modern data encryption algorithms are used here, so the security here is at the most professional level.

When creating a password-identifier, a lot of extraneous algorithms will also be used, which will increase the overall level of protection, as well as simplify your personal login to the application. You will be able to clearly see the complexity of the combination, the approximate time of cracking, you can connect a two-step authentication, and additionally add a hint for recovering a forgotten password.

This password manager is also cross-platform, so it is compatible with the Windows operating system and mobile platforms – IOS and Android. Regardless of the device, you will always get the most reliable and versatile tool with an intuitive interface.

You can download Password Depot on our portal by simply following the link on the active page.

Whats new in the program:

  • Linked entries support: Multiple entries with different URLs and other parameters can be linked to a single master entry that stores credentials. This feature simplifies the use of one account across multiple websites
  • Random password generator extension: the ability to generate passphrases from words in a dictionary
  • Authentication via external identity providers using the OpenID Connect standard (OIDC v1.0)
  • Improved TOTP code display – timer shows the remaining validity time of the code
  • Improved Versions tab in the Entry Properties dialog
  • Updated OpenSSL library and MS Edge WebView2 interface
  • Fixed several minor errors and UI issues

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Download Password Depot 17.2.0 – (80,7 Mb)

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Download Password Depot 17.2.0 Corporate – (80,9 Mb)

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