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Nowadays information storage in electronic form for a long time already is a common norm and is applied, perhaps, in the same way, and probably more often than “warehousing” of paper volumes. The explanation is obvious: electronic documents are easier to edit, to distribute, to catalogue, to reproduce. However on a level with authorised users for work with documents the same advantages are received and unfair persons, therefore the subject of encryption of electronic data for a long time became actual. For maintenance of safety of the data in many programs, for example, Microsoft Word and Excel, possibility of protection of files by the password is provided. What to do with the electronic documents which possibility of protection by the password is not provided?

In order to solve this problem, an archive is usually created from one or more documents, which in turn can be protected by a password. For better security, passwords should be changed periodically. And it’s good to have a list of old passwords securely stored on paper or in the head of the user! But there are other things – sometimes there is no way to find a password to a file created a couple of years ago. This can happen for various reasons, and not always dependent on the user who needs to work with this file. So what should I do? There is no need to sprinkle your head with ashes, because there is a whole class of applications to solve the problem of password recovery.

Simply recover forgotten passwords for RAR archives created by RAR, WinRAR, and other compressed software regardless of the password complexity.


You Will Need This Tool If You

  • Forgot WinRAR password
  • Can’t access the RAR archive
  • Can’t open the RAR file

4 Attack Methods Ensuring a High Success Rate

Brute-Force . When you select this method, the program searches through all possible combinations of characters allowed by the user. You can select these symbols in the “Set” tab. This method is guaranteed to give a positive result, but it is the slowest.

By mask. Sometimes a part of the password is known. For example, we know that a password consists of six characters, starting with “12” and ending with “u”. In this case, we can specify a mask – “12???u”, in which the characters of the question mark replace the sought one. In this case, it will take the same amount of time to find the unknown characters of the password as it would take to find the three-character password. On the “Advanced” tab, you can change the character that replaces the unknown characters when you specify a mask. This feature is provided because the password you’re looking for may contain question marks along with other characters. In this case, you can change the substitute character, for example, to “#” or “*”. Advanced Archive Password Recovery settings

In the dictionary. Users often use words of this or that language as a password, as they are easier to remember than any character set. This method allows searching passwords included in dictionaries, which can be downloaded from the developer’s website. Here you can find large dictionaries of English and Russian words, dictionary of Russian words typed in Latin case and others. The search of dictionary words takes much less time than the search of all possible combinations of characters, so it is advisable to search for a password with the help of dictionaries before performing a “forehead” attack. On the same page you can find links to other dictionary sources. The “Dictionary” tab allows you to select the file with the desired dictionary and designate the word from which the search will start. The “OEM encoding” option is required to work with archives created using DOS archivers. Enabling the search option for all possible combinations of lowercase and capital letters allows increasing the number of search options, but, accordingly, slows down the process of password recovery.

Combination Attack
Identify your password by combining all the characters you choose, such as numbers, symbols, lowercase/uppercase letters, etc.

Using the described programs in many cases allows to restore the information, which seemed to be lost forever. Despite the fact that these programs in most cases work as a brute force attack, the wide range of configuration possibilities allows to significantly reduce the time of searching for a password. Users who encounter a loss of passwords to archives with important files should probably use these tools. However, it is worth remembering that the password search process is quite lengthy, so before starting the search, you should carefully set all the settings and choose the fastest computer available.

Whats new:

  • Fixes some bugs.

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Passper for RAR

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