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Helicon Focus Pro

Helicon Focus Pro review

Helicon Focus Pro is a graphic editor specifically designed to improve sharpness in digital photos. The program can use several files of the same type at once to extend the depth of field, i.e. the area of the photo that is placed in focus. Helicon Focus comes in handy for professional photographers who often sacrifice focus when taking macro pictures, so as not to face a number of troubles, such as lack of light, loss of sharpness, slow shutter speed and the like.

The algorithm of Helicon Focus is quite simple: the editor combines the sharpness zones of several photos and produces a single high-quality picture. It is somewhat reminiscent of creating a panorama style photo, when the picture is stitched together from several files taken one after another. In the case of Helicon Focus, photos are superimposed in layers, so it is extremely important to capture high-quality material with the area of focus across the entire image. The finished material should be dragged and dropped into the working window of the editor, which will produce a high-quality image automatically, combining all the sharp areas. If necessary, the editor will allow you to add retouching, text and individual settings to the image.

The official website of Helicon Focus will offer several video tutorials on how to use the editor. Create easily not only clear pictures, but also vintage photos. However, first you need to get acquainted with the help information, so that later not to get confused in the settings of the program.Important “pluses” consider the Russian interface and built-in Help.

Let us emphasize the main features and functionality of Helicon Focus:

  • Changing the size of graphic files automatically;
  • There is no limit on the number of photos that may be processed;
  • No limits on the parameters of the added photos (any resolution is acceptable, but it is important that the RAM of your PC can cope with the load);
  • Changing the brightness settings automatically;
  • Adding text and zoom;
  • Opacity Maps for further work in Photoshop;
  • Compatible with the most common graphic formats.

If you are a professional photographer, hurry up to download Helicon Focus link below.

Whats new:

  • 3D Viewer: exporting OBJ + MTL fixed – the model will be textured properly after importing into 3D editing software like Blender, C4D etc.
  • Command line options “–zoom” and “–relief-amplifier” added to the 3D Viewer, so these parameters can be specified when opening the viewer from a script
  • Helicon Focus: various bugs fixed

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