TextPipe Pro 10.7.2 + Crack [Full]

TextPipe Pro

TextPipe Pro

TextPipe Pro

TextPipe™ is a multi-award winning, text transformation, conversion, cleansing and extraction workbench for Mainframe, data historian to IoT, SSIS, PDF, Word/Excel, HTML-XML, JSON, and delimited data. With TextPipe, you have one tool, and one point of maintenance for all your text transforms. No longer do you have to remember and manage multiple manual jobs across various text editors, command line tools, custom scripts and Word and Excel macros.


  • TextPipe makes it fast and easy to convert, transform and re-purpose data in text files, including
  • HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW
  • Fixed length or delimited files (CSV, Tab, Pipe, etc)
  • Unix, Mainframe Cobol Copybooks and PC/Windows end-of-line formats
  • Inside Zip files, and Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Word (DOCX), Excel (XLSX), PowerPoint (PPTX), OpenOffice Writer (ODT), Calc (ODS) and Impress (ODP) formats
  • ASCII, ANSI, Unicode and EBCDIC files
  • Security log files from firewalls, web servers etc
  • EDIFACT, HL7, SWIFT and other structured formats
  • Spooled print files
  • Structured and unstructured reports of any size or dimension


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