Snake Peek – 3D Snake Live Wallpapers 1.2 APK [Paid] [Full]

Snake Peek

Snake Peek

Snake Peek

From the creators of “Live Jellyfish” comes another ultra-realistic 3D live wallpaper! Transform your mobile screen into a window to an amazing world of beautifully slithering snakes! Snake Peek comes with a number of stunning presets, each fine-tuned to showcase the finest snakes on the planet. Includes the Albino Burmese Python, Emerald Tree Boa, Mountain Kingsnake, Western Diamondback, and much more!


  • Use motion gestures to control various snake behaviors!
  • Gyroscopic Parallax technology brings the scene to life when you tilt your device!
  • HD graphics on devices of all sizes!
  • Super customizable!
  • Tiny battery usage!

Feeling creative? Make your own scene by customizing snake patterns, time of day, foliage, background, snake and tree colors, and more!
To dive into the secret lives of snakes, just take a Snake Peek!

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  • Snake Peek - 3D Snake Live Wallpapers Screenshot
  • Snake Peek - 3D Snake Live Wallpapers Screenshot


Requirements: 2.2+

Paid – (2.5 Mb)

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