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Hackuna – (Anti-Hack) is a useful application dash tool that discreetly, but very productively protects users from the most extensive set of problems. Especially for those who frequently connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Hackuna - (Anti-Hack)

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Which is very popular with all kinds of ill-wishers who want to commit some kind of wickedness against gullible people. With this application, they will significantly increase the level of security and prevent the villains from fulfilling their evil plans. Automatic scanning and searching for threats, warning and signaling about danger, as well as many other qualities will please users who need something like this.


Do you often connect to Public Free WiFi?
Study says that a hacker can hack your online accounts within at least 60 seconds
Just because you connect to Public Free WiFi…
Experts says that the best thing to do to secure yourself from this,
is to ditch the use of public Free WiFi
How annoying right?
But not anymore!

Cryptors, a cyber security company, invented a mobile app called HACKUNA (Anti-Hack) that can block and detect these WiFi hackers
The exciting part here is, you can also track the hackers within the area.
It will give you all the details you need
to find the hacker within the area
or to report it to the authority
We are now given a power to fight back against the WiFi hackers.

And guess what, the app is for FREE
We can now enjoy the public Free WiFi, peacefully!
Share this app if you want to grant this kind of power to your friends and families!

What’s New:

  • Fixed Bug in Privacy Analyzer
  • Added Hacker Academy in Learn Security

PREMIUM features unlocked

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  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot
  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot
  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot
  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot
  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot
  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot
  • Hackuna - (Anti-Hack) Screenshot

Requirements: 4.1+

Download Hackuna – (Anti-Hack) 5.6.1 APK [Premium] – (18.6 Mb)

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