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Easy Translator

Easy Translator review

To understand words and sentences written in a language that is difficult for us, it is advisable to use translation software, in front of you the program Easy Translator.

This tool translates sentences and words from English into other languages and vice versa. The program has a field where you type or paste the words or sentences you want to translate. The user only needs to select the language of the desired translation, and the application itself will do the rest.

In total, the software includes 109 different languages, including the most common ones such as English, French and Chinese. Less used languages such as Hebrew and Greek are also supported in the program.

It is not possible to use Easy Translator for free without a key, you either have to buy the program officially or download the archive below, then you do not have to make any extra efforts, you can start using it after the installation. In general, I really liked the program, all as clearly, nothing unnecessary in the interface is not, nothing gets in the way and does not distract, the translation is carried out as quickly as possible, thank you for that the developers. I hope you will find this product useful, thank you for your attention!

Whats new:

The new version 18 supports translation between 109 languages, and with text-to-speech (TTS) support for 59 languages, which makes it an ideal language learning app as well.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Easy Translator – (14.4 Mb)

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