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Lectora Inspire 18.2.3 Build 11897 Crack

Lectora Inspire is a handy tool for creating e-learning courses, which can be conducted by correspondence without the possibility of obtaining knowledge in person. The advantages of the program include all modern functionality, pleasant and clear interface, as well as ease of use. Lectora Inspire review The main thing that the application is capable of

Atomic Scribbler 7.1 [Full]

Atomic Scribbler is an advanced text editor that is primarily aimed at writers and scriptwriters. It looks like a familiar Word – but “big brother” does not have so many opportunities when it comes to writing a book, let’s say. Atomic Scribbler Everything is clear and convenient, you can immediately cut into chapters, finely work

Flip PDF review

Flip PDF is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create an interactive book in Flash or HTML5 format from a regular PDF document. Created books can be “flipped” with the mouse cursor, and the effect of page flip is very realistic and can be accompanied by a characteristic sound. You can also turn on

Capture2Text 4.6.0 review

Capture2Text – the application will greatly simplify the work with text, but not in terms of writing, but in terms of receiving. You take a screenshot, then the application analyzes it, pulls out all the existing text in the selected area of the screen and sends it to the clipboard. Capture2Text review Then all you

Atom 1.32.2 Final – Full review

A program for writing code in different languages. It has flexible search tools, supports add-ons and interface customization function. It is a popular application in the category “Visual studio code” – visual studios created for writing machine code. Atom review The program supports about 50 different programming languages, allowing not only to structure the text,

ELOoffice 11.02.004

ELOoffice is a functional solution for electronic archiving and document management. The software will help you accelerate your processes, simplify your daily workload and increase productivity in the long run. ELOoffice review ELOoffice is the ideal solution for fast and easy management of your daily work. The paper flow is reduced by many times and

Ron’s Editor Pro 2022.06.13.0738

Ron’s Editor is a simple editor for tabular files, including CSV and other text formats with separators. It offers a clean and efficient interface that supports built-in editing as well as adding and deleting lines and other data processing parameters. Ron’s Editor Pro review You can filter the data view by creating one or more

Pragma Business

The Pragma software allows you to quickly translate texts from one language to another. A total of seven languages are supported. Among them: Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, English, Polish and Latvian. Pragma review After installation you will be able to translate texts into any of the available languages. A total of 42 translation directions are

CogniView PDF2XL Enterprise

Here is a good program for quick conversion of the known electronic format PDF to Excel and back, respectively, you can download Cogniview PDF2XL below. The product will be useful when extracting data from a PDF document takes you a lot of time, but now you will spend a couple of minutes and get a