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App Builder

App Builder will be useful for those who are very eager to dig in the code, who have a lot of time and desire to create, in short, those who like to create their own programs in HTML5 – come on, take apart while I am kind -). The product stands out from the rest in that it is perfect for beginners who are not interested in anything at all, but his desire is great, who has just begun to learn all the subtleties of HTML5 and wants to try his hand a little.
Installation, launch, you are all excited and here is the program in front of you. The window is solid, a lot of buttons, menus, categories, tools, eyes are running, the brain is trying to understand where to poke … in five minutes, get used to, do not worry. You get a few dozen excellent visual elements, all kinds of buttons, timers, http clients and other trash, ready to use.
You don’t know the javascript language? Well then close everything and go to bed, I forgot to write that without his knowledge nowhere… Everybody’s gone ? Now read only you, my friend, you don’t need any knowledge of javascript, it’s so simple that it’s enough to use visual auxiliary pointers, more than a hundred different commands, ready and waiting for you.
In short, I’m exhausted, the program is super, if you’re new and do not understand what to poke, not taught yet, do not worry, for you almost everything is done already, a few buttons just click and ready!


  • there’s a visual constructor who will provide you with dozens of visual and non-visual applications;
  • there’s a constructor of hundreds of visual actions, you can always find what you need, and you don’t need to know it perfectly;
  • the utility has the necessary material for WebApps and WebExtensions development in browsers;
  • there’s a command line compiler in addition to the visual environment… and a lot more.

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