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Valentina Studio is an interesting and functional program that will allow you to manage databases such as MySQL, SQLITE, Valentina and others, you can see the list on the official website. You’ll have the tools you need to track your connections, work with local databases, servers, and so on, thanks to the intuitive toolbar, plus you’ll have a schema editor and the ability to manage finished projects, diagnose problems and transfer data.

Valentina Studio Pro

Valentina Studio Pro review

After the launch, you will see the main window where you can see the created servers and their databases, where you can start creating a new connection and edit the server settings. If you want to create databases such as SQLite or Valentina, you don’t have to enter commands, and forget about configuring the configuration, which is often not the easiest thing to do, with these databases is easier. In addition, you will have a tool in your hands to create projects, which means that all the results of the queries you make will be entered with external resources, and you will receive comprehensive reports containing all the data analysis. Thanks to the built-in editor, the software will allow you to create your own label of the report, you will be able to use the necessary parameters of text formatting, plus you will get a large set of controls, figures and fields.

Please note that this news is designed to allow users, i.e. you, to download Valentina Studio free of charge with a key/crack inside the archive, after downloading, unpacking, installing the program, applying the “cure”, registering and using all the features without time constraints. I will try to upload the latest versions of the program in time, I will keep an eye on its updates, by the way, you will see only the version for x64 systems, please note this point and the rest of the users do not waste their time.

As the program has an interesting possibility to edit schemes, you will be able to work with the necessary set of data at once and the process itself will become much simpler. You will get the maximum information about any database you need to choose beforehand, you will be able to edit not only the properties of the object, but also edit tables, fields, indexes, you can work with links, choose the type of data, perform a quick search through the database and perform a number of other operations. I forgot to write about visual diagrams, there is a function responsible for its creation, you will have a review of the database structure.

By the way, here is the professional version of Valentina Studio – the link to which you can download the new version for free – in the full news.

So, I think you have already realized that there are a lot of tools here, and you don’t want to have an SQL editor? It is also present, you will get a clear set of chips, for example, you will be able to create a new query in which the syntax will be highlighted, line numbering will be displayed for easy navigation, there is a mode to automatically fill in the typed text, there is a built-in browser that also has a lot of commands to work with, all of this is easy to use, no problem. In addition to this, you will get several templates to catch up with, you can start working with them, and then edit them afterwards.

So Valentina Studio is very functional, you can work with different types of databases, edit, browse, and so on, good luck to everyone!

Key Features:

  • Report Designer
  • Forward Engineering
  • Database Continuous Integration
  • Forms Editor
  • Query Builder
  • Data Transfer

Whats new:

  • [New] MongoDB plugin – the first NON-SQL DB in Valentina Studio.
    • Schema Editor
    • Command Editor (similar to SQL Editor)
    • Collection Editor (Data editor)
    • Server Admin (manage users, databases, etc)
  • [New][Pro] Workspaces – this great feature for PRO-developers, which now get a clean isolated room for a project.
    • You can create a new workspace, which will collect Bookmarks, Recent databases, Recent SQL queries, SQL snippets, opened TAB panels (soon)
    • Switching between workspaces moves you to this or that project context.
    • [New] Menu ‘Workspaces’ in the main menu
    • [New] Top-Right button-menu workspaces to visualize the current workspace and manage workspaces.
  • [Imp][Start Page] – COPY/PASTE a single bookmark
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] – Tooltip of a snippet now shows database(s) to which it belongs.
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] – Tooltip about hidden snippets.
  • [Imp][Dialogs] – Dialogs to export bookmarks, snippets, etc, now suggest the default name of the file.

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License: ShareWare

Requirements: Win 7/8.1/10/11

Download Valentina Studio Pro 13.10 – (114.2 Mb)

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Requirements: MacOS 10.12.6+ or later 64-bit

Download Valentina Studio Pro 14.0 MacOS – (176.8 Mb)

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