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Source Insight

Source Insight

Source Insight – in front of you is a powerful program that was created to give you a browser, as well as tools to view and edit the source code for applications written in different programming languages. Everyone knows that the analysis and processing of the application’s source code is a job for a real professional and it would be impossible without a set of necessary tools. For those who are already familiar with several programming languages and just want to “look” into the application to check it for possible errors, this program may be useful.

Despite the fact that you will have a simple graphical interface in front of you, it does not mean that it does not have a large set of features, all on the contrary, it is not worth worrying about. Functions are carefully hidden in the appropriate menus and are available in just a few clicks. This software solution should be able to open almost any type of file and specializes in source files created in C ++, javascript, Perl, Visual Basic, C #, Java and many others. Most of the space in the main window is allocated to the actual code of the selected file, and the “Symbol Window” will help you to view all the elements in the tree structure.

Those who are in the topic, strongly advise on this page below to download Source Insight for free, in the archive you will find the latest version of the program and the key to it, and maybe a crack / patch, depending on what release will be in front of you. We register the program and can safely forget about the trial period, we use all the features in full.

There is a powerful function of search and replacement, it also includes navigation through the links inside the code. You have several special editing commands at your disposal, so you can turn the selected characters into upper or lower case, convert the space into tabs and vice versa, insert ASCII or indent left and right. When it comes to application configurations, Source Insight offers a variety of settings that can be configured to make syntax formatting or text input and character search easier. There are many parameters that should be related to what concerns the available styles.

The program is designed specifically for experienced users and professionals, in front of you is not the software with which everyone can work. However, this tool is certainly well suited for various code editing and management activities, and programmers and developers will love it.


  • Always up to date information
  • Call graphs and class tree diagrams
  • Context-dependent dynamic type resolution
  • Windows symbol for each file
  • Automatic display of ads in the context window
  • Context-sensitive Smart Rename
  • Quickly finds links
  • Mixed language editing
  • Keyword search how to search the Internet by your code base
  • Symbolic Autofill
  • Quick access to all symbols and files
  • Project orientation
  • Command programming support
  • Quick search and replacement of the entire project
  • Project window with several views
  • Integrates with external compilers and tools
  • Expandable document types and languages
  • Crash Recovery offers complete protection
  • Permanent workspaces
  • Customizable menus and keyboard
  • Support for Windows 2000 / XP
  • Special support for remote terminal server sessions
  • Full-featured editor

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License: ShareWare

Download Source Insight 4.00.0118 – (20.5 Mb)

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