Turbo Download Manager 6.20 APK [Mod] [Full]

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager Pro is one of the best download managers for android. You can upload files of any size, as much as the memory capacity of your device allows. The download manager has the following functions: start, pause, queue, resume and restore; supports Dolphin, Firefox and other browsers. After downloading the file, the application reports this with an audio or visual signal (set in the settings). The application has the ability to create up to 10 parallel threads on a single download.

A clear advantage is the temporary suspension of the download, as well as a change in its priority. In addition, it supports downloading files after rebooting the smartphone. The program can run in the background.

How does it work
Turbo Download Manager makes use of multiple connections to download files to your phone. Increase the “Connections per Download” or “Threads” to Increase Your Download Speed.


  • Download Acceleration!
  • Unlimited file size downloads!
  • Get All files from Webpages!
  • Web Browser support (Dolphin, Firefox, etc)
  • Queue/Pause/Resume/Recover features
  • Notifications with Download Progress
  • Multiple Parallel downloads
  • Utilize Maximum number of open connections
  • Up to 10 Parallel Streams Per Download
  • Buffer size optimization
  • Configurable Download directory
  • Add Url links manually
  • Start/Pause Queue
  • Normal/Turbo Mode option
  • Work in the background (even when phone screen is off)
  • Auto-rename files
  • Notifications (Visual/Sound)
  • Thumbnails for Movies and Photos
  • Single/Multiple Notifications
  • Download history
  • MD5 Hash validation
  • Restart Download from history
  • Download directly to SD Card (Lollipop+ devices)

What TDM does NOT DO:

  • TDM works with most Android Web Browsers (Stock, Firefox, Dolphin, UC Browser) to let you Download Files Faster from Web Pages.
  • TDM does NOT offer free files itself.
  • TDM does NOT offer a file web search.
  • TDM does NOT work with YouTube due to Google’s Terms of Service.
  • TDM does NOT work with File Sharing Sites that require login.
  • TDM works ONLY with direct URL HTTP links.
  • TDM will NOT increase your download speed beyond the maximum bandwidth provided by your Internet Provider or the maximum speed provided by the server you’re downloading from.

Supported Browsers:

  • Android Stock Browser (Long Press and choose “Share Link”)
  • Dolphin HD (“Long press” => “Share Link”)
  • Firefox (“Long press” on a link => “Share Link”)
  • Skyfire (“Long press” on a link => “Share Link”)
  • Miren
  • UC Browser
  • Boat Browser (Choose “Open”)
  • For all other browsers that support sharing links try Long Press on a link and choose “Share Link”.


  • Ads Removed;
  • Sponsored banner layout removed;
  • Remove all ads services and activities;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.


Turbo Download Manager and Browser
Turbo Download Manager and Browser

Requirements: 4.0.3+

Mod – (5.5 Mb)

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