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TimeTune – Optimize Your Time, Productivity & Life – an excellent to-do planner, which allows you to write your day in detail and after strictly following its own instructions to keep up everywhere and everywhere.

TimeTune - Optimize Your Time

TimeTune review

An important feature will be a system of reminders that will not allow something to forget, as well as spur on the more rapid implementation of planned activities. Which will help to successfully achieve the planned objectives. The project is suitable for people from different life positions, professional activities and the ability to distribute their time. For someone it will be just a cheat sheet, and for someone an indispensable assistant.

There is an important function, it is the distribution of time, that is, you write your plans for the day, setting at their implementation a certain period of time, and for this period trying to do everything, then indent on time and repeat the procedure. In general, this is a kind of organizer, but it is not only a list of your tasks, but also the time for their implementation. So you will save time and you will notice where more time is spent.


  • Time management based on routines and suitable for everyone who values their time (workers, students, parents, freelancers…)
  • Routines can be daily, weekly (the most common case), or use an odd number of days (for professions with unusual shifts), adding great flexibility to your routine schedule planner
  • Routine schedules work like a calendar but you don’t need to enter calendar dates
  • Ability to design and send routine schedules for other people (useful for trainers, doctors or anyone who needs to craft routines and habits for others)
  • Creation of attractive custom tags to quickly identify the activities in your schedule at a glance
  • Full customization for each notification independently (vibrations, sound, personal message, popup window and even voice)
  • Routine statistics to analyze and improve your distribution of time, so you can increase your productivity, do everything in your schedule and detect time leaks
  • Reminders will allow you to schedule activities that don’t quite fit in a routine: one-time activities, activities without duration or tasks with an odd repetition cycle
  • Widget with a completely customizable look so that you can examine the activities in your schedule the way you prefer


  • Pro features Unlocked
  • Analytics Disabled

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  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot
  • TimeTune - Schedule Planner Screenshot

Requirements: 4.1+

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