Sharp World Clock 9.6

If you like or just need to keep track of world time, you can download Sharp World Clock from our website, do not forget to go to the full news. Please note that you will be able to add an unlimited number of hours, you can build them both in a line and in a table. The watches themselves may have different appearance, you will have all the necessary settings, you can also switch between the types of watches, you can choose between digital or conventional classic watches with a dial.

Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock review

Sharp World Clock Full shows the flag of the country to which the clock belongs next to the time, the size of the clock itself can also be changed, setting its size from small to large, as convenient to whom. You will always be able to view the full list of cities in a particular country in the world, if for some reason there is no city in the list, you can add your own, do not forget to specify all the necessary parameters. Sharp World Clock provides a large list of different types of time and date formats, for each clock you can individually adjust this parameter. You can open the world map and directly view the time zones, watch where it is morning and where the night, there is a calculation of lunar phases and other delicious things.

From the advantages of Sharp World Clock Key can be highlighted support for the addition of an unlimited number of hours of both analog and digital, there is a possibility to fine-tune the style of the clock, there is a convenient World Card, built-in calculator and time zone converter, there is a beautiful alarm clock that at the right time is able to perform the necessary function. Sharp World Clock has a good built-in calendar in which you can leave all sorts of reminders, there is also a powerful enough RSS reader – with which it is convenient to read the feeds and search. Time in the program can be easily synchronized with atomic clocks and servers, the clock can be minimized in the system tray.

Key Features:

  • Clocks can be undocked from the main window (and docked again later)
  • You never need to update the daylight saving rules again Windows time zone information are applied
  • Clocks can be freely floating no background any more! Background and clock face transparency can be adjusted separately
  • Clocks feature smooth shadows, like in the Vista clock (Windows Vista / 7 only)
  • Different clock hands (9 styles included for each hour/minute and second hand)
  • User definable presets in the design configuration edit existing designs and add your own
  • Editable, resizable numbers on the analog clock faces (you do not have to use background images anymore if you want numbers)
  • Resizable country flags on clock faces
  • Newly designed time zone calculator, with intuitive meeting scheduler
  • Unlimited alarms with single / count-down / daily / weekly / monthly / annual / periodic alarms
  • Separate (optional) date label additionaly to the time label
  • Spoken time and read-aloud messages in the alarm center… and more!

Whats new:

  • “Next Month” is now the default filter in the Alarms dialog; changed the column order in the Alarms list

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License: ShareWare

Download Sharp World 9.6 – (13 Mb)

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