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Epic Pen is an interesting application that gives you the ability to draw on the monitor screen regardless of the environment, for example, you can draw on the desktop screen, any active application, Start menu, taskbar and anything. The software also supports tools such as backlighting, eraser, screen capture and hotkeys. No experience with other graphics editors is required, everything is intuitive.

Setup is quick and very easy and the only notable disadvantage is that you need to install .NET Framework 4.2 version to start. As for the interface, the utility uses a small vertical panel with a modern look and buttons for all actions that can be switched to a minimized form to make it more convenient.

While working, you will be able to select a pen or a marker for drawing, you can change the color and size of the pen, return to cursor mode to continue normal work on your PC, erase drawings with an eraser, there is a cancellation of the action, you can clear the screen, and you can capture the whole screen and save the image to a PNG file type. It is worth noting that the Eraser does not work with the classic method of holding the mouse button and dragging the Eraser over unwanted areas that you want to remove. Instead, you can simply click a line to make it disappear. Key combinations are supported to switch program visibility, there are cursor, pen, marker and eraser selections, undo actions, clear the screen, take pictures, and zoom in and out. These hotkeys can be reassigned according to your preferences. Meanwhile, the settings can be memorized for future sessions or reset to default values.

As you can see from us you can download free Epic Pen Pro as a simple version or as a portable one and Repak, which does not require registration, can also be portable. The version in front of you is professional, and in the archive you will find the key / Crack to register the program to be able to use all its features for free.


Easy to use:
Simple interface with simple and clear visual style without complicated menus or options.

Support for hotkeys:
The software supports customizable hotkeys, which can be used together with standard program keys.

Allows you to jump to a click:
Once you have made changes to the screen, you can easily return to your desktop while keeping your changes visible.

Supports pen pressure:
Has full pen pressure support for brush size when used with drawing tablets and other pressure input devices.

Easy installation:
Tiny lightweight installer with no hidden debris, ideal for business and academic computers.

Touch-screen compatibility:
The ideal companion for touchscreen devices and works perfectly with hybrid PCs and Windows tablets.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Epic Pen Pro 3.9.117 – (17.3 Mb)

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