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Serif Affinity Publisher

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Serif Affinity Publisher Full – the program is a professional tool ideal for working in a publishing house and creating any level of complexity of layouts due to the ability to combine text, graphics and images, after you get the result you can send it for publication. If your line of work involves the creation of magazines or posters, invitations, reports or forms, you’ll find the software to be the right helper, plus Russian support to make your work easier and you’ll have an intuitive user interface. If you use other Affinity programs, they will be fully integrated with this application.


Effect Layouts
With basic elements such as master pages, spreadsheets, grids, tables, advanced typography, text layout, full professional printing and other amazing features, Affinity Publisher offers everything you need to create the perfect layout – regardless of the project.

  • Double spreads
  • Dynamic master pages, including nested master pages
  • Image frames with intelligent zoom capabilities
  • Text flow with precise indent control
  • Custom forms of text areas
  • Binding several text areas in a document
  • Advanced guide, grid and snap parameters
  • Tables and custom table formats

Perfect graphics
Whatever the terms of reference are, you can rely on Affinity Publisher. In addition to processing all standard file types, you get the opportunity to create the most ambitious, content-filled hybrid projects using bitmap or vector resources from multiple sources.

  • Link or insert images using the full Resource Manager
  • Placing PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG or Affinity files
  • Fixing a floating or fixed graphic object in the text

Accurate Image Management
Now your images match the luxury of your layout. The Affinity Publisher app comes with a complete collection of powerful non-destructive corrective layers that allow you to adjust images right in your document.

Advanced design tools
Create and edit vector graphic objects in the layout with a powerful pen, node, and a complete set of tools for creating shapes – and get precise control over gradients and transparency.

  • High-precision pen and node tools
  • Linear, conical, radial and bitmap fillings
  • Boolean operations for adding, subtracting, combining and dividing figures
  • Adding layer effects, including shadows, glow and bevels

Full color control
The Affinity Publisher application can work with RGB, LAB, Gray Shades and CMYK color spaces, providing advanced control over professional color requirements for printing.

  • Through-CMYK color reproduction.
  • Support for Dotted Colours
  • The Pantone library is included in the kit
  • ICC Color Management Profiles

Professional Printing
Support for Pantone colors, CMYK end-to-end color reproduction and ICC color management are just some of the application features. You can also open, edit and output PDF/X files, customise print overlay control and add print-ready output areas, trimming marks and crop marks to create print-ready documents.

Other features:

  • Instantly view the undo history. Instantly view hundreds of undo actions with the Undo History slider. You can also save the history to a document.
  • Rotate the canvas. Rotate the entire document by 90, 180, and 270 degrees.
  • Intelligent dropper for colour selection. The smart color picker tool is designed for accurate color matching, including single point color selection or determining the average color value in a certain area.
  • Resource management. Create sets of regularly used resources that you can instantly access and then drag and drop to include them in your project.
  • The Transformation panel. Change position, size, rotate and move the object.
  • Transparency tool. Drag and drop transparency gradients on any object. Linear, radial, elliptical and conical gradients are available.
  • Glyph Browser. Browse the full range of glyphs available for any font.
  • Bezel bezel. Gives full control over dotted line styles, arrowheads and pressure.
  • Customizable key combinations. Affinity Publisher comes with default hotkeys, but you can change them as you like.
  • Adding noise. Adding noise to fill colors to give a textured effect to your work.
  • Preview mode. Switch instantly from viewing grids, guides, crop exit, and margins to a completely clean preview of your document.
  • Stunning performance. Pan, zoom and scroll your documents at 60 frames per second.
  • Organizational tools. Organize your documents with Partition Manager and automatically generate indexes and table of contents.

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