Search Duplicate File (SDF Pro) 4.118 APK [Paid] [Full]

Search Duplicate File (SDF Pro) 4.118 APK [Paid] [Full]

Search Duplicate File

Search Duplicate File

Search Duplicate File (SDF Pro) is a useful application for all who want to restore order in the internal space of their mobile device. For several years of dense use of the gadget in different areas and for different tasks in the folders it often hides the same files. Something was copied somewhere, then moved back, stored again, and so on. So imperceptibly it turns out several absolutely identical files occupying valuable space. This program offers services for finding such duplicates and prompt removal of all unnecessary.


  • Smart selector(Includes Keep the oldest, Keep the newest, Keep the shortest name) helps you to distinguish duplicates and original.
  • Smart selector helps you to select the duplicates which have the same folder.
  • Support Android 5.0 Lollipop external SD card.
  • Support internal/external SD card/OTG storage.
  • Support switching languages.
  • Support sharing files.
  • Support landscape mode.
  • Support filtering search results, image/audio/video/document/apk.
  • Support filtering file name/file path with regular expression.
  • Support excluding search results.
  • Support saving and restoring folder selections.
  • Support saving and restoring search results.
  • Support searching photo/image/picture/audio/music/ring/video/document/apk, media files and all files.
  • Support searching photo/image/picture without file extension(hidden/cached image).
  • Support searching hidden files/folders.
  • Support previewing photo/image/picture/video/apk.
  • Support previewing photo/image/picture(png, jpg, gif, bmp, webp) without file extension(hidden/cached image).
  • Support path/size limit.
  • Support physical keyboard.
  • Notification will be displayed when search complete.
  • Search results are grouped by file size.
  • View file content before deleting it.
  • Batch select/deselect files/groups.
  • Batch delete/exclude files/groups.
  • Batch expand/collapse groups.
  • Save search result to text file. (Hidden feature, create /sdcard/duplicates.txt firstly)
  • Copy file name/file path/MD5 to clipboard. (Hidden feature, on file details view)
  • Support * in custom include field. (Hidden feature)

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Search Duplicate File(SDF Pro)
Search Duplicate File(SDF Pro)
Developer: Unknown
Price: $14.99


Requirements: 4.1+

Search Duplicate File (SDF Pro) 4.118 APK [Paid] – (1.4 Mb)

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