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Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider review

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a professional solution for full technical and SEO site audit. Allows you to scan your site or a competitor’s resource, find errors and defects. It scans the whole site, unloads absolutely all pages and follows the specified user rules and settings.

The program does not have a multi-language interface, but it is quite popular among experienced webmasters. This solution will also be suitable for beginners. The program will point out the errors of your resource and will do everything to improve or strengthen the position in search engines.

At the moment, the license key Screaming Frog SEO costs more than 150 euros. This amount is unaffordable for the majority of users and beginners in promotion. You can download Screaming Frog SEO for free on our site. To get up-to-date updates and new methods of site auditing, we recommend purchasing a licensed version of the product in the future.

Key features and benefits of the program:

  • Quite fast parsing of the site by the entered link;
  • Creation of rules and exceptions for more accurate scanning;
  • Displaying of the server reply codes;
  • Parsing meta information;
  • Analyzing the loading speed of the site;
  • Formation of graphs of the scanning statistics;
  • Analysis of headers H1, H2, H3, etc;
  • Compiling a complete structure of the site;
  • Following the rules of robots.txt;
  • Checking and uploading of images;
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider key or development patch tool attached in the archive;
  • Checking the length of Title and Description;
  • Parsing the site in multiple streams.

Based on the data obtained through Screaming Frog SEO you can start improving the site or make a technical assignment for the webmaster. Conduct a full-fledged free site audit, fix the bugs found, set up a competent site structure and search engines will generously reward you with an increase in live traffic!

Whats new:

  • URL inspection can now be resumed from a saved crawl.
  • The automated Screaming Frog Data Studio Crawl Report now has a URL Inspection page.
  • Added ‘Days Since Last Crawl’ column for the URL Inspection integration.
  • Added URL Inspection data to the lower ‘URL Details’ tab.
  • Translations are now available for the URL Inspection integration.
  • Fixed a bug moving tabs and filters related to URL Inspection in scheduling.
  • Renamed two ‘Search Console’ filters – ‘No Search Console Data’ to ‘No Search Analytics Data’ and ‘Non-Indexable with Search Console Data’ to ‘Non-Indexable with Search Analytics Data’ to be more specific regarding the API used.
  • Fix crash loading scheduled tasks.
  • Fix crash removing URLs.

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