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This is a great program, which you can safely call a scientific and statistical calculator, on which you can create and edit full-fledged formulas. You will be able to specify any mathematical expressions as well as write formulas on a piece of paper, I advise you to try to download RedCrab from our project in the full news.

RedCrab Calculator PLUS

RedCrab Calculator PLUS review

The calculator has a good editor, which allows you to enter complex algebraic equations, for example, you can score fractions, calculate square roots, indexes, create variables and so on. RedCrab is an excellent technical application. Please note that the calculator does not require installation, no additional extensions will also be needed, just run the executable file and you can start working right away. You will be able to write RedCrab to any USB flash drive and then run it from there without leaving any traces in the system, in general, one hundred percent portability and ease of operation, I think the calculator can be useful for many people in the work. The program can also quickly handle basic functions like a real calculator. If you know how to work with the calculator, you can work with RedCrab without any problems, so you shouldn’t worry that you won’t be able to understand it, it’s very simple. In the archive you can find a special guide that will help you to understand how to hammer in complex formulas that cannot be hammered into a regular calculator. I would like to note a rather pleasant interface. RedCrab is a full-featured calculator that can fully use the features of a personal computer. The first plus is the ease of use, the second plus is the ability to hammer out very complex mathematical formulas, and I won’t list them anymore because I have mentioned them in my review more than once. In general, I have nothing more to write about the product, I liked it, I just do not need to use it, in my time, of course, could be useful. As always, please do not forget to comment on RedCrab.


  • Different formats for displaying the result (fixed point decimal, floating point, hexadecimal, octal or binary; etc.).
  • Individual setting of output formats of variables.
  • Voice announcement of results.
  • Graphic display of results (more than 30 types of diagrams).
  • Built-in unit converter.
  • Accuracy up to 14 characters.
  • Possibility to print selected fragments of the page.
  • Inserting text fields and images.
  • More than 35 arithmetic and trigonometric functions and much more.

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