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PingTools – Want to know a lot about how the internet connection works on your smartphone? This application will help you with this. It will not only help you to find out where the signal comes from, which router and which model you are connected to. You will also be able to find out who else is connected to this network, as well as to track exactly where your traffic goes. With the help of the new tracking technology, you can directly on the map to see where the packages come from, and where they go, as well as you can learn a lot of new information about your Internet connection.

PingTools Pro

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By installing this application on your device, you will always have access to information about the status of your network. Both on your local network and on the Internet. It is equipped with several useful tools so that you will always have the most accurate information regarding your network.

You can see signal strength as well as which other tools are connected to your network. In fact, you can see the network load at any given moment.

Also among the many functions of the application, you can see Monitoring, Ping, Traceroute Wi-Fi scanner. These are not all of its functions, but undoubtedly the most interesting ones.

The management of the application is very simple and intuitive, with all its features, you will be able to understand literally in the shortest lines. You do not need to be an experienced user to use all the functions of the application, even a beginner can easily understand everything.

Moreover, all the tools of the application, competently placed and optimized, so you can without any special problems, use them. Moving from one tab with the tools to another is a matter of seconds.

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  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot
  • PingTools Pro Screenshot

Requirements: 4.0.3+

Download PingTools Pro 4.52 APK [Paid] – (7.5 Mb)

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