Password Manager: Store & Manage Passwords 0.2.7 APK [Paid] [Full]

Password Manager: Store & Manage Passwords

Password Manager: Store & Manage Passwords

Password Manager: Store & Manage Passwords

Password Manager : Store & Manage Passwords – A convenient, versatile password manager for your smartphone. It helps you strengthen the security of your device, so it’s no secret that most apps store passwords to make your life easier. So this app will protect all your passwords by storing them in a separate database. This reduces the chances of intruders gaining access to your personal data by several times. Even if you lose your smartphone, no one will be able to access your information, and you in turn will be able to transfer all the important data to your computer via synchronization.


  • It stores your passwords in an encrypted form.
  • It does not require internet permissions unlike other applications, which means your data is not stored on the internet.
  • It provides better accessibility in a way that user can save their passwords in the form of categories.
  • The import/export feature of the application allows user to transfer the credentials in a new environment in case user changes the device.
  • Another important feature is the password generator. It generates passwords for you with all required validations.
  • Password manager with fingerprint login (If supported in your device).
  • On of the best password manager offline tool.

Hope this password manager for android will be very helpful for you. This password manager pro version is one time paid app for lifetime use. This is the password manger best version you will ever come up on playstore as we don’t compromise on user data security. This is a simple password manager tool with all the necessary features. price is almost free (least we can set on playstore)

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Requirements: 4.4+

Paid – (9.3 Mb)

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