Nsasoft Product Key Explorer

You can Download Nsasoft Product Key Explorer + Portable from our website for free

Nsasoft Product Key Explorer

Nsasoft Product Key Explorer

The program called Product Key Explorer is incredibly popular among ordinary users as well as system administrators relatively recently, but it has already become useful and quite famous. It allows you to literally find all the applications on your computer, and then give out their keys. After that, it is quite possible to simply open a text file and save the obtained data in it for convenience. As you can see, it is incredibly useful. You can easily download it on our website and use it freely. And even if you don’t know how to work at your computer, it will be quite easy to get the keys, just press one button, and then the analysis of all the programs installed on your computer will start. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. Such a file will be useful for those who are used to using licensed programs. To work, launch the program first, then click the button and the process of analyzing the installed software will start. Basically, as you have already understood, there is nothing complicated in this process. This program allows you to work in a local network too, so system administrators will appreciate it. You will also have an opportunity to find all pirated programs installed on your computer. This feature will be useful for those who detect such violations in companies. Do not forget that it is necessary to have administrator rights for this purpose. The program has a rather lightweight interface for a normal user. For complete convenience, you may need to print all the information on the printer. As you have already understood, on our site you will find not only Product Key Explorer, which has a database of 3000 programs, but also many others. You can download Product Key Explorer for free at the link below.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Nsasoft Product Key Explorer – (4.9 Mb)

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