Lunar Calendar Pro 4.0 APK [Paid] [Full]

Lunar Calendar

Lunar Calendar

Lunar Calendar

This is a full version of Lunar Calendar. No advertising, the time in notifications and inside the application is shown every time. The major description is always available. The major feature of Lunar Calendar is to calculate lunar day for any point of the Earth you want at any time you want. Of course, you can read astrological description and advices for everyday. Now it is supported two variants of lunar days: indian (new day each 12 degrees) and moon rise (new day each moon rise or new moon).
The second major feature is Moon phases: the list of Moon phases, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses. Moon phases are also shown in calendar mode. This application helps to you to know position Moon in Zodiac, to calculate void of course moon. The application also can calculate a lot of astronomical and astrological values. Such as sunrise, sunset, moon rises, moon set, MC and IC for both Sun and Moon. The Moon in Zodiac is available in two variants: list and calendar mode.
Nakshatras: shows precise calculated nakshatras’ list. Description for each of 27 (28) Nakshatras is available. As for Sun, it is possible to know tattvas with subtattvas – precise time at any point of the Earth. The same for planatary hours. They are also available. The lists for tattvas and planetary hours for every day. Solar days with description are also available.


  • Astrological notifications for all astrological values above.
  • Modern and beautiful design.
  • Google Drive synchronization for your own comments.
  • Very precise calculations.
  • The calendar works calculates the time for any day and any year you want.
  • A lot of description texts: major advices, about health, beauty, hair, birthday, money, sex, pregnancy, marriage and etc.


  • Lunar Calendar Screenshot
  • Lunar Calendar Screenshot

Requirements: Varies with device

Paid – (6.5 Mb)

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