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The most advanced software on the market for editing tracks, preparing routes and displaying multiple maps simultaneously.

Land Premium

Land Premium review

Analyze every detail of your routes and experience every step of your activity. Discover the reliability and accuracy of Land, the perfect complement to your GPS device.


  • Prepare your trips safely: no risks and no limits.
  • Plan your adventures without leaving home. The earth will automatically open the most appropriate and detailed map based on the route you are preparing.
  • Display multiple map types and formats in one place. Earth ensures maximum compatibility with all types of maps:
  • Map types: road, topographic, orthophoto, marine, aviation, etc.
  • Map formats: * .CDEM, * .COSM, * .CWMS, * .ECW, * .IMG, * .IMP, * .JPG, * .KML, * .KMZ, * .MAP, * .MPVF, * .OSM. .PNG, * .RMAP, * .RTMP, * .SID, * .TIF, * .VMAP, * .WGOM…
  • Highlight the relief on your maps with a hatching that will help you see the surrounding area better. Remember that you can also display your next tours in 3D views. Take responsibility for your glasses and watch as you move in the most realistic simulation. Remember to record video simulations and share them with your fellow adventurers!
  • Working with multiple dates and coordinate systems
  • Download free maps from international sources (Google Maps, OpenStreeMap …)
  • Quickly measure the distance between two points on the map
  • Overlaying or combining maps from the same geographical area
  • Convert map files to the most common formats
  • Calibrate your old paper cards into digital formats
  • Edit tracks, routes and waypoints without restrictions
  • Land offers a wide range of tools for safe planning of outdoor activities so that you can avoid any hazards. Edit each stage step by step and find alternatives to reach your destination.
  • Open a wide range of formats: tracks / routes * .BTRK, * .FIT, * .GPX, * .IGC, * .LOG, * .KML, * .KMZ, * .PLT, * .RTE, * .TCX, * .TRK, * .TXT …. Waypoints * .BWPT, * .CUP, * .GPX, * .KML, * .KMZ, * .LOC, * .TXT, * .WPT ….
  • Draw routes and routes precisely. Create your own point-to-point or hand-drawn routes, divide a track into several stages, merge several routes, change the color or thickness of tracks and much more.
  • Customize routes with waypoints. Change the path of your track by moving or deleting waypoints to adapt them to your needs.

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