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HyperSnap review

Hypersnap – if you constantly work with screenshots of different kinds, the program will be a great helper. Most of these programs have great functionality for creating screenshots, but do not allow you to edit them. In the case of this program, you can use HyperSnap as a graphics editor with a decent amount of features. Such trivial functions as taking a screenshot of a certain area of the screen, creating long images by scrolling, highlighting elements to create screenshots are certainly present. But in any case, the program would not have become so popular if it had had the above features, which are now common to almost any analogue. On to the fun part – editing with HyperSnap ! Of course, you should not expect a professional image processing. But to crop the image, add or delete the depth of color, adjust the scale, mirror the picture, rotate it, tilt it, add some effects can be easily. In fact, you don’t need much functionality for screenshots. There are plenty of effects and shadows. In most cases, they don’t apply any effects to screenshots, but put lines on them to highlight certain elements, draw arrows and so on. HyperSnap has a lot of features for this purpose. You can even draw graffiti, not to mention a traditional brush with size selection or a pencil. You can also write text – a great way to make the necessary notes. That is, if you make educational screenshots, a kind of instructions, the program will definitely help you out. The application allows you to select areas with tables, so that later they can be inserted into Excel (just tables, not images). You can write annotations to pictures. You can connect an FTP server to the software so that the screenshots can be instantly uploaded to it. If necessary, you can set up a color replacement – it will change without your actions. Set the format for the graphic images so that you don’t have to specify it all the time. The user interface is a separate and long story. Because the user can customize it to himself. And we are talking about large-scale settings. Download Hypersnap for free at the link below, I remind you that this is the Repack version, if you need the Portable version then during the installation process, select Unpack the portable version.

Whats new:

  • Fix: Escape key was not aborting region auto-scroll capture
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Screenshots: Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download HyperSnap 9.3.4- (43.3 Mb)

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