Device Info HW+ 4.23.0 APK [Patched] [Full]

Device Info HW+

Device Info HW+

Device Info HW+

Device Info HW+ is an application for getting comprehensive information about your mobile device. Users will be able to learn everything about the screen, cameras, sensors, memory cells, charger, battery, etc. Sometimes it’s just informative, and sometimes it’s extremely important to perform certain actions and achieve the set tasks. It is also possible to get the average statistical data. Such as the speed and time of charging, electricity consumption, performance of one or another cell and so on. And thus the program rather stylishly looks and gives evidently all received information.


  • Navigation panel
  • You can go to other tab or menu by menu item.
  • mtk: button for enter to engineer menu.
  • Extra information about battery:
    • Charge / discharge speed.
      For 5.0+ via Android API, for mtk special variant.
      Discharging speed is current consumption. Ids = Ic
      Charging speed is charge current – current consumption. Ics = Icc – Ic
    • Battery profile from kernel mtk, qcom (on some devices available model).
      Information is only for reference. And it correct only for the factory battery.


Primary information about device hardware.

Information about CPU and GPU.

Information about android.

Information about RAM, disk.

Information about camera hardware and software characteristics.

Charging / discharging speed.
Battery profile from kernel.


Information about sensors and tests for it. (Interacts with my app Sensor Test 1.2 and above)

Information about emmc partitions (for mtk, rockchip)

Platform drivers

List of installed applications. Support filtering apps.
Last item – open system apps.

Information about power regulator voltage.

Information about wi-fi connection.

Input devices
List of input devices. On some devices available info about touchscreen model and sensors.


  • Prefer detect active devices if possible (in kernel can be some different touchscreens, cameras…)
  • Not for all devices can read drivers info, it’s depend on soc, vendor. If you want help then upload your device info.
  • On some devices with 7.0+ reading sysfs is disabled and primary info is unavailable. I’m researching for fix this.

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  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot
  • Device Info HW+ Screenshot


Requirements: 4.0.3+

Patched – (1.7 Mb)

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