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Quite often Windows users have to work with files: copy, move, create and so on. If you do this within a single folder, everything is simple and convenient. But if you are using multiple folders, it can sometimes be inconvenient to switch explorer windows. This development allows you to create tabs in Windows Explorer similar to those used in browsers, for example, Google Chrome.


Clover review

With the help of Clover in Explorer, all the usual commands for working with browsers are available, including: drag and drop tabs, close tabs by double-clicking, switch between tabs with the key combination Ctrl+Tab, create tabs with the key combination Ctrl+t, and cancel the last closing with Alt+Shift+T. When using this program, it is possible to attach a tab, thus preventing its accidental closing. The program is completely free and contains no ads, which is a big plus.


  • Catching user calls to the Explorer.
  • Running the Explorer in an upgraded form.
  • Adding the tab support function to Explorer.
  • Effect tabs in Google Chrome browser style directly in Explorer header.
  • Open several folders in one window.
  • Quickly switch between windows.
  • Open a tab instead of opening a new window.
  • Move files and folders between tabs with your computer mouse.
  • Drag and drop a folder to a tab panel to open it in a new tab.
  • Open a folder in a new tab using the context menu.
  • Moving one tab to the other and vice versa.
  • Easily create new tabs.
  • Moving any tab outside the working window, turning it into a new window.
  • Bookmarks panel support.
  • Importing and exporting bookmarks.
  • Open a folder in a new tab by pressing with the middle mouse button on it.
  • Opening a new tab, closing the current tab and switching between tabs by hotkeys.
  • Close a tab in order to prevent its unintentional closing.
  • No impact on the overall system performance.

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License: FreeWare

Download Clover 3.4.6 – (6.5 Mb)

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