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The Windows operating system, by default, allows the CPU to load up to one hundred percent, so the system may just hang, the main work will be slowed down, there are a lot of inconveniences in general, sometimes I remember that, it was not possible to quickly resolve the issue. So, if you decide to download Process Lasso from our site, then you should not have such problems, since the program will redistribute priorities between running applications, this is what makes it possible for the processes to load the system one hundred percent, reducing the load to the minimum.

Bitsum Process Lasso Pro

Process Lasso review

Process Lasso allows us to fully control the running processes, as well as to distribute the resources of the programs, now it is enough just to note the priority processes and which programs will be responsible for them, nothing will be superfluous, you will no longer be afraid of any workloads. There will be a list in front of you, there you can also point out programs that will be blocked at all for launching in the system, you can block all programs, put on automatic reloading of applications, and so on.

Sometimes it happens that many copies of some programs open at once, this process can also be limited, it is necessary to choose the maximum number of copies. Process Lasso Full has a mode for games, launching which all computer resources will be automatically switched to it, so you can achieve the maximum impact from the game, there should be no brakes. In addition, Process Lasso has a statistics mode, you can view it at any time and know when a process was running and how many percent of the resources it consumed. The Process Lasso Key interface is as clear as possible, there are not very many settings, but all that is there is the most useful.

Key Features:

  • Prevent processes from monopolozing the CPU(s)
  • ProBalance dynamic priority optimization
  • CPU throttling (new)
  • Save process priorities for future instances
  • Save process CPU affin

Many users consider Process Lasso a powerful and innovative tool. Thanks to it there is a possibility to stabilize the operating system and reduce the response time. This program improves the responsiveness of the Windows system.

Process Lasso has a simple interface which supports the Russian language. Beginner users should not have any problems with working on this application. The program is effective even when a large number of processes are running simultaneously.

The main advantage is that the application consumes minimal resources. The developers of Process Lasso recommend putting the program in the background so that you don’t waste time opening it. If you download this program, you can take care of the smooth operation of your Windows system.

Whats new in the program:

  • Installer: Improve EULA formatting
  • GUI: Improve German splash screen text
  • GUI: Show notification when Process Lasso starts with Keep Awake Indefinite still active
  • GUI/Core: Allow Keep Awake Indefinite setting to persist across reboots
  • GUI: Add registry option to disable Keep Awake Indefinite from persisting across reboots, HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso:KeepAwakeResetOnReboot (dword bool)
  • GUI: Cosmetic to ‘Main / Keep Awake’ submenu
  • GUI: Allow exit from beta channel while using a beta version, occurring upon the next update to a release version
  • GUI: Translation updates
  • GUI: Expand caption control widths (for longer languages) in dialogs: CPU Priorities, CPU Affinities, I/O Priorities, CPU Sets

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