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Azuon is an interesting program that will appeal to people who often fly planes. You need to select the departure city, arrival city, select the airport, specify the date, click on the search button and wait for the result. Next you will be offered the best prices, we choose the right one and we can even book a ticket.



The program itself does not provide an opportunity to buy a ticket, it acts as an intermediary and simplifies the search for the desired flight at favorable rates.


Cheapest Flights
Compare Deals-cost airlines to find the cheapest routes. Or just let Azuonu offer fly to where it hot!

deep Search
Look for flights directly from many points within a certain period, and combine flights found.

smart search
Determine the amount and time stops, filter results by week See price history, set a budget for your trip, and more!

Your private travel agency
Have you ever wondered how to find good travel agencies flight options? The answer – at your fingertips. Azuon looking for low cost airlines combination and helps to find the cheapest. First, he shows not the most popular, but the best options, for example, the route with transfers Malta – Oslo – Riga, and then a standard, but more expensive route Malta – Rome – Riga.

Looking in different directions at the same time
Searching for flights from Stavanger to Monastir? Look for departures from any airport in southern Norway in any – in Tunisia. Point of origin and destination can be anything: select city, country, continent, the world, or create their own sets of airports! Let us surprise you and show great deals to places you only dreamed of visiting.

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