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Ashampoo Office Professional review

I decided to introduce you with a new version of an alternative office program that will please both ordinary users and more demanding, as you get a fairly large number of different settings. The work with the program does not require a good level of computer knowledge, you can easily create the necessary documents, tables, draw charts and presentations, then you can bring them to the highest level of perfection, download Ashampoo Office you can from our project.

This development can work with many different formats of documents and tables, after installing or before, I do not remember, we will be asked to choose the association of the files, that’s actually able to more clearly know what formats are supported. Ashampoo Office allows you to put content, tables and index to graphics, you can place 3D text, like the developers say, that you can also easily create a Web-page, but I have no idea how to do it, apparently there are special tools. Ashampoo Office will allow you to optionally install a spell checker, this is certainly handy.

Note that you will be able to install the software package to your USb storage device and then work from it, so wherever you go your favorite program will be at your fingertips. Ashampoo Office has an improved document import and export files Microsoft Word, you will be able to read and export files OpenDocument, also you will be able to create templates in advance and then apply them, before the printing you can use the chip “print preview”. In general, Ashampoo Office is pretty handy development, it’s easy to understand, it opens many documents, so try it, you may like it.

Key Features:

Word processing to perfection: Write
Write is a modern alternative to Microsoft Word that lets you create and edit documents of any size, from greeting cards, business letters and brochures, to entire dissertations. With miniature page previews and clickable content tables, you’ll never get lost in your documents! A unique object mode allows you to freely place graphics, pictures and text in your documents, and a word counter allows you to achieve the size of your document you want. For the experts we’ve added support for SQLite and dBase databases and batch printing of XLSX files. Microsoft Word-compatible footnotes and footers in the same document make for professional results. And because Write opens and saves DOCX seamlessly, your documents will always be compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word. Not only can you easily print your document, you can also save it as a PDF or e-book.

The Perfect Spreadsheet: Calculate
The powerful Calculate app lets you combine calculations, spreadsheets and charts of any complexity with unprecedented ease. Not only can you create simple schedules with Calculate, but you can also do financial planning for your company. Don’t worry about mistakes. Built-in spellchecker and formula checker help you spot errors quickly. With more than 350 features, easy spreadsheet management and support for gigantic spreadsheets with millions of items, Calculate 8 is ideal for any spreadsheet task. And advanced features such as summary tables (with item grouping!) keep professional users entertained. Preparing to print finished spreadsheets is also exceptionally easy, thanks to the new pagination preview. For best compatibility, Calculate 8 uses XLSX file format, the same format used by Microsoft Excel!

Impressive presentations: Present
Present is a powerful pairing for PowerPoint. Easily create compelling presentations and show them even without additional software on any PC! Breathtaking animations and transitions, as well as the clever concept of master slides, will help you get the job done. Create any number of master layouts with freely placed placeholders in just a few clicks. Not only will this allow you to give your presentations a unique look, it will also allow you full compatibility with PowerPoint. Several ready-made template designs, fully modifiable at the click of a button, make it easy to create. And why not add a twist to your presentations with graphics, charts, animations, and audio and video objects? The new media tab on the ribbon lets you manage these objects with unprecedented ease! And since Present uses the PPTX format, sharing documents with Microsoft PowerPoint won’t be a hassle. Try for yourself an office suite with superior performance at an unbeatable price and full Microsoft Office compatibility today. Buy it once and forever!

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