Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0 Build 2080 Crack

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Zero Assumption Recovery is an easy-to-use and compact utility that allows you to reanimate lost data from damaged or unstable computer hard drives. All you need to do for a quality task is to download and install Zero Assumption Recovery on your PC.

Zero Assumption Recovery

Zero Assumption Recovery

Not only NTFS file systems can be recovered with this software, but also various external drives and storage devices (flash drives). Program modes reanimate photos from digital drives, RIAD arrays, scan lost logical partitions of hard drives. Everything you thought was lost, Zero Assumption Recovery is able to revive at a professional level.

Once installed on your PC’s operating system, the application will analyze your device configurations and prompt you to select any language you like from the drop-down menu, including Russian. For the changes to take effect, you will need to restart the utility, after which all its features will be available to you.

You can recover data through various parameters. First of all, you have to determine the type of data to be reanimated (Windows and Linux). Then you have to select the original medium (disk or partition) and start the deep analysis by pressing the “Next” button. The operation takes about 10 minutes. You will be able to watch the process in a special window where the results of the file system scan will be displayed. Only after that you can revive the lost data by selecting it from the list on the left with a special mark.

The final stage of file recovery – copying them to any other media, after which the work can be considered complete. The program is suitable for Windows 10, Vista, XP and 8.1, 8, 7 operating systems. Zero Assumption Recovery download free in Russian an effective file and data restorer after deletion, the link is below.


General data recovery with ZAR software
Windows FAT, NTFS, Linux ext2/3/4, and XFS volumes
Formatted drive or “RAW filesystem”
External drives, USB thumb drives, and memory cards

Digital image recovery
Digital photo recovery with a free version of ZAR Data Recovery

Complex cases with ZAR Data Recovery
RAID data recovery
NAS data recovery
MBR damage data recovery
Partition table recovery with multiple logical drives

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Download Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0 Build 2080 – (4.8 Mb)

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