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VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon review

VMware Horizon Full software provides the ability to log on to a Windows-based virtual work environment and use the full functionality of the operating system. Using the virtual desktop environment allows users to run software and other programs that may not work on their workstation. The program is designed so that you have accurate and superior virtualization performance. The creators of this product claim that this software is the easiest and fastest way to virtualize. You can also use the software without having to worry about security, the developers are the guarantors here, whether to trust them or not, is up to you.

With VMware Horizon Key, you get a powerful platform to keep your users safe and efficient, you get full integration with VMware vSphere, which is a proven and reliable virtualization platform, and the software integrates well with popular cloud providers. The tool is ideal for environments with multiple external users who need access to an enterprise environment. The application provides great end-user experience, but care should be taken when deploying applications as not all applications are suitable for virtualized environments.

As practice shows, VMware Horizon is often used in large organizations that require secure access to applications and data from outside the internal network. It allows users to take full advantage of a remote desktop with access to all resources available on the local internal private network.

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Key Features:

  • Benefit from a convenient interface and is engineered for user convenience
  • Be very careful and extraordinary performance in the field of virtualization
  • Available in both Linux and Windows
  • Management and full access to the software is provided
  • Benefit from smart policy with simple access
  • Simplifying authentication on all desktop services
  • The software comes with strict compliance with the integrity of the data center, such as vSphere, vSAN and NSX
  • Data security is guaranteed by the software and information you.

Whats new:

VMware Horizon 8 version 2203 includes the following new features and enhancements. This information is grouped by installable component.

Version numbering is based on the planned year and the month of the release. The actual release date can vary based on business needs and engineering schedule changes to address critical customer requirements.

  • Virtual Desktops

    • All input from the vSphere console is blocked during a desktop session, including mouse input.
    • Roaming profiles are now supported with the URL Content Redirection feature in Horizon Agent for Windows and Horizon Client for Windows.
    • Live captions are now supported for Microsoft Teams meetings on Horizon HTML Access and Horizon Client for Chrome.
    • The Encoder CPU Controller dynamically scales down or up the maximum frames per second that Blast Extreme displays according to recent average system CPU usage. See Enabling the Encoder CPU Controller for VMware Blast.
    • Driver Mapping now supports substituting a different print driver when creating a virtual printer for Linux and Mac clients.
    • Support for printer host name in location based printingWhile configuring location based printing, you can now specify either the printer host name or IP address.

    Important Note

    Horizon 8 version 2203 does not include updates for Horizon Connection Server. Please use the Horizon 2111 Connection Server version with Horizon 8 2203 Agents and Clients.

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