VariCAD 2022 v1.05

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VariCAD review

VariCAD is a great solution for 2D and 3D modeling, especially in the field of mechanical design. This program is very light and fast. It includes everything you need for mechanical design. Just like in 3D modeling, VariCAD has an additional feature of developing 2D models and drawings, it contains a wide range of functions, and you can quickly create and modify models without any problems.

Here are some of the main features of VariCAD:

  • 3D – 2D Export: you can easily turn 3D models into 2D drawings.
  • 2D drawing and exporting: these features simplify drawing in the important area of mechanical engineering. New features appear: drawing auxiliary lines, drawing layers, creating symbol surface structures, automatic border detection.
  • 3D modeling: gives the possibility to change very easily the initial parameters of 3D solids (cylinder, cone, etc.) just by editing.
  • Calculations: the program provides fast and accurate calculations of volume, center of gravity, area of a given body.
  • Support for 3D threads (screws, nuts).
  • Smoothing option for improved 3D images.
  • User interface: it is configured so that all processes, thoughts and steps of the designer are performed with a minimum number of operations and steps.

Based on the features and capabilities of VariCAD, we can say that this program is an excellent CAD solution for mechanical engineering. Easy to use, small in size and containing everything you need for mechanical design. This program is one of the best products among its kind. will be useful to all professionals and students. You can download VariCAD from our website by clicking on the link below, it is completely free and without registration.

Whats new:

New version VariCAD 2022-1.05 has been released. Although this is not a major release, it contains a few new features. This version contains more possibilities in definition of printed line thickness, definition of file title and description, changes in warnings (sound or status bar blinking) and further enhanced color palettes. If the version is installed for the first time, several settings are automatically adjusted. Users working with the previous version 2022-1.0 can update it for free.

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Download VariCAD 2022 1.05 – (102.3 Mb)

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