Ultra Fractal 6.04 Extended Edition

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Ultra Fractal

Ultra Fractal Key

Ultra Fractal A program that allows you to create images of fractal sets, as well as perform their animation. The process of building images is determined by a set of algorithms describing the types of rendered fractals, methods of their coloring and transformations applied to them.

These algorithms are presented as text files written in a special programming language that supports such basic constructions as arrays, functions, cycles and classes. Such modular architecture allows the user not only to use already created algorithms by someone, but also to create their own. On the program website there are sections designed to help users exchange algorithms and get answers to their questions.

The uniqueness of the created images is ensured by the presence of a set of parameters in the algorithms, with which you can control the location of the fractal, the accuracy of calculations, the number of iterations and many others. One example of such setting is the change of gradient fill coefficients, which directly determines the color scheme of the created image.

Similar to the program Adobe Photoshop, Ultra Fractal can work with alpha channels, layers and masks, which allows you to easily combine different fragments of images.

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