Turbo Studio 24.5.9

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A very powerful program for virtualizing applications, for this will use a special virtual container, or simply put – one executable file that will not require you to install, download Turbo Studio can be below.

Turbo Studio

Turbo Studio review

Inside the container being created, there will be an environment for files and registry entries. You can easily create a stand-alone portable program, which can then be easily run on any computer you need.
This program has many advantages, for example, when using a competitor ThinApp it is not always possible to create a portable program, because often placing large files in the sandbox is not possible, which is not in Spoon Virtual Application Studio. Plus, this program compresses the container better, there is a direct import of ThinApp projects, built-in analog plugins AppLinks.
The interface is very functional and convenient, in general it is quite understandable, I hope you will find the program useful, thank you all for your attention.


  • Easy to use. Application templates and the new Desktop Import Wizard allow for painless migration of applications. Or use capture settings to virtualize custom applications.
  • Eliminate conflicts. Applications run in an isolated sandbox, eliminating conflicts, administrative privilege requirements and other sources of application failure. Run multiple versions of applications simultaneously.
  • Create Portable applications that cannot be done in ThinApp, possibly due to the large number of files being sandboxed.
  • Better container compression.
  • Direct import of ThinApp projects.
  • Spoon Studio has an analog of AppLinks plugins.
  • Executing .NET without .NET platform. Implement dependencies of .NET, Java, AIR, and SQL CE execution environments directly into virtual applications and run them on desktops completely clean from these platforms.
  • Mobility. Deploy in standalone (one single executable *.exe file), traditional MSI, with Turbo Server or online with Turbo.net.


  • Create Portable applications that can be transmitted over the Internet: allows you to install and run virtual applications on any desktop computer with broadband Internet access.
  • Create an application as a single executable file that runs immediately: All application files, registry settings, battery life, and necessary components in one package that runs immediately.
  • Launch applications that use Java and NET without pre-installation of Java and / or NET
  • Improve computer security: Start and run your applications without giving end users administrator rights. Stabilize by deploying applications in isolated Spoon virtual environments.
  • Eliminating the installation of third-party components, COM / VB controllers, as well as Acrobat, Flash, Shockwave and others. – all directly in the application.
  • Eliminate UAC compatibility error prompts: Deploy Spoon virtual applications regardless of privileged access to system resources.
  • Turbo Studio’s virtual application technology enables incompatible applications to function properly in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.
  • Deploy directly to a USB flash drive: Increase mobile worker productivity by placing Spoon virtual apps on a USB flash drive. Run applications on remote PCs without any installation steps, administrative privileges, driver installation, etc.
  • Significant reduction in testing and support costs: version conflicts and DLL Hell dependencies are eliminated. Reduces the complexity of testing for troubleshooting resource conflicts related to application installation and operation.

Whats new:

  • The Turbo VM is updated to version 22.4.2
  • Error copying files on Windows 11 preview (build 22581)
  • Incorrect default DLL load directory used for standalone executables with EXE Optimization enabled
  • Executable static dependencies could be used prior to initialization
  • Windows Virtual Keyboard (osk.exe) could not be launched in a container

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Turbo Studio 24.5.9 – (175.3 Mb)

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