TSR Watermark Image Professional

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TSR Watermark Image Software Pro

TSR Watermark Image Software Pro Key

A very small and also free utility has been updated, which was first of all developed for personal use on Windows operating system. The purpose of the program is to add digital watermarks to an unlimited number of photos and pictures, and you can adjust the parameters of the watermark, TSR Watermark Image can be downloaded from our project in the full news.
Of course you will be able to adjust the parameters responsible for the transparency of the added inscription or picture, adjust the location of the image, choose a color and adjust the style, in general, everything is quite decent, you can fit on any picture to fit your signature so that it does not interfere with the overall picture. TSR Watermark Image also allows you to edit the original image itself, for example, you can change the original image size to fit the watermark. Note that in order to add a signature, you can use both plain text and the selected image, you need to specify its place on your hard disk.
TSR Watermark Image allows you to add captions to the background of your image, you need to adjust some parameters to do this, I think there will be no problem with that. As it was written above, you can work with an unlimited number of images, and you can add them by moving the mouse to the main window. All parameters of the program are available in the main window, in fact, there are no special settings anymore, it is also convenient, but I do not like the fact that TSR Watermark Image does not allow you to change the size of the main window, you probably remember that I do not like it, but it is certainly not a disadvantage. In general, there is nothing more to tell about the program, I hope the editor will be useful, enjoy all the use! I forgot to write it at all, for personal use the program is completely free, if you want to earn or install it in the office, you will have to pay, you know, that it is not serious.

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