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Your privacy is at risk every time you open your web browser. Data collection tools track your every move, trying to build your comprehensive with your activity. Cookies, digital prints and collected IP addresses help these tools in their questionable business.

TrackOFF Standard

TrackOFF Standard review

Use TrackOFF Standard! This program has been specially designed to keep data collection tools from getting their hands on your data. Protect yourself and your data with just one click!


  • Prevent identity theft online
  • Protecting your browser from curious eyes
  • Prevention of targeted advertising
  • Protect your network search
  • Technology vs. digital prints
  • Built-in advertising blocker
  • Innovative cookie removal technology
  • Real-time notifications

What is a digital fingerprint?
Digital fingerprints combine data about your browser and computer to create a unique identifier for tracking you online. Recently, the use of this technology has increased significantly. Experts believe it will soon replace cookies as the most important way to track you online. Therefore, TrackOFF prevents the creation of unique digital fingerprints and your data is always safe.

How does TrackOFF prevent tracking based on digital fingerprints?
At random intervals, TrackOFF embeds false information into the data used to create your digital fingerprint. This way, trackers will receive false information and you will remain anonymous!

How does TrackOFF detect tracking attempts?
TrackOFF uses heuristics to detect known digital fingerprinting techniques in the scenarios used by data collection tools. While you’re online, you may see notifications of unsuccessful tracking attempts.

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Download TrackOFF Standard – (71.3 Mb)

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