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The Sun: Evaluation

The Sun: Evaluation

The Sun: Evaluation is a first-person shooter with survival elements. In the story in 2050, the Sun released a huge amount of deadly energy, which has adversely affected the Earth. Despite the fact that everybody was trumpeting about the disaster, from scientists to psychics, the world’s governments did not want to listen to them. As a result, the planet experienced a global cataclysm that claimed the lives of billions of people. Few lucky people managed to survive, and now they established their own laws and began to gather in communities. One of them was the birthplace of the protagonist, who will exist in this world of chaos and anarchy.


  • Vigilant survivors had hidden in the bunkers built in case of nuclear war. On the surface, radioactive death was collecting it’s harvest, killing, changing and redesigning the world.
  • Chaos and hunger become the norm on Earth. Food and water became the most valuable things in the world.
  • Those who returned to the surface were restoring agriculture, creating new societies and new laws of life.
  • In the one of such societies the Raven was born and grown up.


  • Unlimited currency
  • unlimited weight

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The Sun: Evaluation
The Sun: Evaluation
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Requirements: 4.1+

The Sun: Evaluation 2.4.3 APK [Mod] – (31,9 Mb)

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