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Snooper Professional

Snooper Professional review

Snooper is a so called spy, which makes an audio recording of the surroundings of a room. The program copes well with informing the owners about what is happening in a certain place during their absence. You can download the utility for free from this page.

An important advantage of the utility is that the user remains unnoticed. The appearance of the application is inconspicuous, and during operation it is hidden even for the task manager in the operating system.

The program is activated when various sounds begin to reach the microphone. All information is saved in mp3 and WAV format. During the reception of the data, the utility puts different marks, like fixing time. When the recording is complete, the data is sent to the user’s email.

There are four recording options:

  • Normal – where the recording takes place during a selected time period;
  • dictation;
  • Audio recorder activation with sound;
  • Trial mode works without fixing the sound.

AGC equalizes the degree of incoming sound to a perfect level. The program is able to fix the sound at low overtones. The utility analyzes the whole picture of the sound recording. It is possible to schedule the work of the application. The recordings are amenable to TLS\SSL encryption. Recorded and redirected sound files are instantly deleted from the system.

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Download Snooper Professional 3.3.4 – (12.3 Mb)

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