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I want to introduce you to a small spyware program, after its launch, it will record all the sounds, which in turn can be captured by the microphone, it is convenient when you leave the room, and you want to know what happens in it without you, you can download Snooper from our website.

If the program does not hear any sound, it is simply in standby mode, in the MP3 file will be marked with the recording time to be clear where to roll. Snooper will send you an email with the file after the recording is finished, for example, you have set the hour for the recording to take place, you just need to specify the address to send it to.


Sound/Voice activated recording

  • Recordings are activated by detecting the incoming sound level.
  • Auto file naming feature allows you to save files with fixed prefixes and date/time.

Dictation mode:
Sound activated recording mode where all recordings are collected is a single file.
Optional marker tone between recordings. Great for scanner and dictation recordings.

Adjustable recording window:
Record sounds before and after the trigger sound!

Powerful Recorder
Snooper records to disk using fast and compact MP3 technology.
1 Hour of recording take up less than 4 MB.

Sound/Voice mail
Snooper can send the recording by e- mail automatically after a recording or be created manually.

Recording Schedule
Snooper can start and stop recording at any time you set.

User-friendly Interface
Most functions can be called up with a simple mouse click or through the tray icon menu.

App can hide itself from taskbar and tray meanwhile recording covertly.

Flexible Setting
App has a lot of settings and adjustment to make the recording suite your needs.

Direct Recording Support
Snooper can record on the fly for as long as you like without interrupt.

Snooper can record and encrypt the sound files for secure transfer over internet.

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Snooper Professional 3.3.4 – (13 Mb)

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