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Serif Affinity Photo Full – the program is a multifunctional and professional photo editor, development of ka for Mac and Windows is released. From the description of the developers, it became clear that over five years of painstaking work, they managed to combine many tools for retouching. This means that after launch you will find a solid baggage of options, you can use a set of lenses, several mask controls, if you want to work with EXIF ​​and ICC there are no problems, import and export formats are quite extensive. This is not all, “live filters”, frequency editing. tools for separating textures and colors you need to retouch the skin in photographs and much, much more …

Key Features:

Professional adjustments and corrections
Edit and enhance images with levels, curves, black-and-white mode, white balance, HSL, shadows and lights, and more than a dozen other non-destructive adjustments with the ability to instantly view and edit at any time. The Affinity Photo app also provides advanced lens distortion correction and best-in-class noise reduction features, so you have access to a full range of options for the most effective editing of any image.

Full set of retouching tools
Whether it’s quick correction or detailed retouching, Affinity Photo has everything you need to do it. Along with the usual tools for clarifying, burning, cloning, patching and removing stains and red-eye effects, you can use the almost magical sketching brush, frequency separation function and a full range of built-in plastic deformation functions.

Special workspace for RAW files
Process RAW files from your camera in a dedicated workspace, applying all fine adjustments and making any necessary changes in the boundless linear color space.

HDR Tonal Compression Matching
Combine multiple exposure options into a single image in 32-bit format with infinite color depth to highlight details when not possible with a single frame.

Created with high precision selection
Thanks to Affinity Photo’s advanced algorithms for refining selections, you can achieve accuracies you never dreamed of. Whether it’s cutting out objects, creating masks or selectively overlaying adjustments, you can easily create incredibly accurate selections – right down to the individual strands of hair.

Breathtaking compositions
Along with support for working with an unlimited number of layers, Affinity Photo contains a complete library of corrective layers, layer effects, and dynamic filter layers, all of which can be grouped, cropped, masked, or overlapped to create incredibly complex image compositions.

Full import and export support for PSD files
Import and edit Photoshop files directly into Affinity Photo, keeping adjustments, effects and layers intact. Support for large PSB files, Photoshop plug-ins and brush files with ABR extension is also enabled.

Batch Processing
Easily format whole folders of files without interrupting your workflow. Batch jobs are executed in the background, so you can even process hundreds of files and keep working.

Full range of plastic deformation capabilities
Click and drag images, working as a putty, or use brushes with effects such as curl, indentation and turbulence, as well as the real-time Mesh Warp tool to change the appearance, shape and deform your photos.

Stunning effects in real time
Affinity Photo has a comprehensive selection of premium and fully customizable filters, including lightening, blurring, distortion, tilt and shift, shadows and glow. But what really sets it apart is that when you change the filter properties, you can always preview the final image in full resolution in real time.

Natural brush strokes
Draw and sketch using an extensive library of more than 120 professionally designed brushes that includes effect brushes, paint and ink, dry and brush strokes and bristle brushes. Affinity Photo is compatible with all advanced graphics tablets and supports pressure sensitivity and brush stabilization features to create ultra smooth strokes that look natural.

Perfect photo connection
Create perfect panoramas in all cases, without exception, using the advanced photo junction algorithm, automatic image alignment function and full featured perspective correction capabilities available in Affinity Photo.

Focus Matching
Masterfully combine multiple images taken at different focal lengths to increase depth of field. Affinity Photo has features to align and incredibly accurately analyze and determine the best areas in each image you use.

Recordable macros
Macros allow you to record an unlimited number of actions that can be saved and played back each time you need them. You can even play back macros in batch processing, so previously tedious tasks can be performed with just a few clicks.

Whats New:

  • Fixed background layer being blurred when re-opening an afphoto file
  • Fixed artefacts on export of documents with a Live Radial Blur
  • Fixed Overlay Paint and Erase Tools in Develop Persona not painting correctly at small brush sizes
  • Fixed Overlay Paint Brush starting at the edge of canvas
  • Updated SerifLabs RAW (updated libraw to 202110)

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