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If you are creating animations in HTML5 and are looking for a new tool to make this event easier, I suggest you download the latest version of Saola Animate Professional with a key/crack in the archive on our website. After unpacking, you will need to install the program and use the medicine, then you will be able to use all the editor functions for free.

Saola Animate Pro

Saola Animate Pro review

In its work Saola Animate Pro uses a user-friendly user interface, all objects are easy to add and after customized to your needs, there is a convenient timeline with the necessary chips, plus there is support for working with multiple layers at once. Before you Saola Animate in a professional edition with all the additional features. As the authors write, the program is able to meet the needs of most users, especially those who work at home, thanks to the event handler, you can create complex interactive animations. There is a preview mode and the result will be displayed as a player.

The editor has an intuitive interface. There is a fairly large set of tools for creating and editing web animations. It supports all popular text filters, so you don’t need to use Photoshop to create incredibly cool text. The tool also provides a large collection of images that you can use in your project, as well as manage their properties and create amazing Instagram-like effects. You will also be able to create amazing animations with impressive transitions and control them.

The application will allow you to create interactive HTML animations for websites, multimedia, ads, etc. Your animations will display perfectly on mobile devices and standard PCs. Thus, you will be able to quickly win over your audience. Animate allows you to simply scatter the objects on the scene, to specify their properties and set the model of their movement (which is very similar to working with Flash).Objects can move, change their size, rotate them, in general, play with them on full. Just using CSS3, you can set gradients, shadows and other effects, and all that quickly and easily. The result of the work will be generated and the main thing is optimized code that can work with any javascriptscript library

The tool has its own model of data representation, which allows it to support different formats. At the moment the editor supports HTML5/CSS3. The next versions will support XML. It uses javascript, CSS3, HTML5. This tool can be considered as easy and simple to learn and use as an alternative to well-known paid software to create animations on websites.

Use a special animation system by keyframes, which can turn any static element into a live one. After you click the “Record” button, the program records each step, creating keyframes automatically as needed. You can also add, delete, rearrange keyframes yourself to fine-tune the content.

With Saola Animate you can build the most advanced animations using CSS3 and embed them into your website. Animate text and images with smooth transitions, design site buttons with different gradients, or make your animations interactive. Be sure that the results will meet the latest standards of web technologies.

The editor is simply indispensable for creating excellent interactive games and mobile ads.

Main features:

  • Editing texts in the editing area without the use of pop-ups
  • Support for 64-bit platform
  • Reduce runtime environment size by 55%
  • Elimination of dependency on third-party libraries
  • Custom folders for saving images, media files and scripts
  • Reducing the number of project output files
  • New loader settings
  • HTML5 video support
  • Import sprite sheets from Flash Professional, Photoshop, and other design tools
  • Support for creating links for DPS articles
  • Updated action editor
  • Copy and paste function to extract SVG graphic objects from Illustrator

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