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Multitouch review

Easily add gestures to MacOS with Multitouch!
Multitouch allows you to link a custom action to a specific magic trackpad or magic mouse gesture. For example, clicking on three fingers can perform an insertion. Improve your workflow by executing shortcuts, controlling your browser’s tabs, performing a middle click, and more.

Key Features:

  • Privacy. No user data is gathered from the app.
  • Does not require Accessibility privileges to run.

You can download the “program” from our website for free, so that you can try all the settings or just test it, the archive also has a crack, patch, key or keygen, I’m sure that all users of our website are smart people, I won’t describe how to use crack or keygen 🙂 . If you came across a program in the Repack version this means that all the necessary activation steps have already been done 🙂 you just have to install the program and test as much as you want, if you still have some problems please do not be shy and ask, good luck .

Whats new:

  • Added gestures: rest three, four, or five touches and remove all but one
  • Added gestures: rest three or four touches, remove all but one and move in a direction
  • Added initial key remapping capability
  • Added mouse button remap capability
  • Adjusted rest one swipe one and rest one swipe two sensitivity, and tied them better to the swipe & precision settings in the Settings tab
  • Adjusted rest one tap one precision

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Password for archiv:

Requirements: OS X 10.12 or later 64-bit

Download Multitouch 1.27 MacOS – (19.8 Mb)

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