Movie Explorer Pro 2.0.1 MacOS [Full]

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Movie Explorer Pro

Movie Explorer Pro

Movie Explorer Pro

Movie Explorer Pro is by far the most comfortable way to catalog and explore your digital movie files and discs. Once your collection has been indexed, a world of new possibilities opens. Browse through the wonderful movie thumbnails views. Enjoy original poster art work and high res movie stills. Mark movies as watched, add others to the Watchlist. Add your own smart filters to the sidebar, based on simple or complex criteria. And so much more!


Get started quickly

  • Add movie and TV show files by indexing your local drives and network shares
  • Add Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and DVD discs by scanning barcodes, using the built-in FaceTime camera
  • Or simply add your discs by using an external USB barcode scanner
  • Scanning and validation of barcodes can be done in batch modus, for maximum efficiency
  • TV show files and discs are also fully supported

Track what you’re watching

  • Mark movies and episodes as watched, or unwatched
  • Use global filters to show only unwatched, watched or Watchlist items
  • Rate and review movies and episodes, and filter on your own ratings
  • Add movies and episodes to the Watchlist for easy access
  • Automatically update the Watchlist when you set an episode to Watched
  • Sync Watched, Paused and Watchlist status with

Find and play what you like

  • Find movies using the search box, or one of the many sidebar filters
  • Search for an actor or director and find all other movies you own with this actor or director
  • Play movies using the default media player
  • Or use any other media player, using the ‘Play with’ feature

Explore for more

  • The special Info view shows you all movie metadata, actors and more in a separate window
  • Enjoy original poster art work and high res movie stills using the Gallery view feature
  • Open directly the related IMDb page for a movie, show, actor or crew member
  • Files view shows you important details like video format, bit rate, audio channels and much more

Highly customisable interface

  • Hide the filters you don’t like in the sidebar, add Queries and Lists you want
  • Adjustable movie thumbnail size and data sorting
  • Display TMDb rating, your personal rating or no rating at all
  • Option to let the sidebar show the number of unwatched movies for each filter
  • Optionally display TV show and season banners in the TV Shows view

Define your own filters and lists

  • Add your own custom filters to the sidebar, using Queries
  • With a Query, you can interactively define your own selection, using multiple criteria
  • Use Lists to make your own collections of movies, shows, actors, directors and more
  • Queries and Lists can be separately exported to PDF, HTML and CSV

Share your collection

  • Export your complete collection, or a selection, to beautifully designed PDF or HTML files
  • The generated HTML files are publishable on your website, without the need to modify anything
  • Or export your technical collection data to a CSV file, compatible with Excel and Numbers
  • Share individual movies to Mail, Messages, Notes and any other supported standard share option
  • Lend Blu-rays and DVD to friends, and keep track of what you’ve lent out, and to whom

State of the art

  • 100% native macOS app using standard interaction controls
  • Touch Bar support for all main views
  • Full Dark Mode and Accent color support in macOS 10.14
  • Keyboard friendly navigation and interaction
  • Reads technical metadata of your files using the MediaInfo library of MediaArea
  • Uses movie metadata provided by TMDb

Requirements: macOS 10.13 or later 64 bit

(12.1 Mb)

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